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  • I'm really PISSED; my daughter who is in the 12th grade recently registered to vote through her high school. Her teacher told the class that they all must register as Republicans or else they would not be allowed to vote. Any suggestions on how to address this?
  • Parkland Shooter: Not an immigrant Tree Of Life Shooter: Not an immigrant. Las Vegas Shooter: Not an immigrant Borderline Bar & Grill Shooter: Not an immigrant. Sandy Hook Shooter: Not an immigrant. Charleston Shooter: Not an immigrant. #SOTU
  • Next week, for the first time in eight years, there will be a congressional hearing on gun violence. Eight
  • Only Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans could manipulate something as benign and well intentioned as making Election Day a holiday into a vast left-wing conspiracy. It really shows how scared to death they are of the American people actually having a say in our democracy.
  • The President of the United States just suggested that lying under oath, obstructing justice and witness tampering are only “process crimes.” That process has a name. It’s called the justice system. And we’re going to fight to protect the rule of law, even if Trump won’t. …

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