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  • @FRIEDFOODBRAIN @Prathyushaly @amaresh_g @mayankw14 @huriagirish @CMTells @NevilleSays to roast professions on Feb 8 at Industry Roast 2.0, powered by @vidoolydotcom curated by @DeepTheK @ROBUSTEvents @ZeeCafe @FeverFMOfficial @Social_Samosa @CurlyTalesBlog
  • Attention people of #Pune, get ready for a mid-week party as the hilarious Comics @pavie_shetty (Pavitra Shetty) & @NevilleSays (Neville Bharucha) are coming to Pune for the Comedy Night at Vandaag, The Gateway Hotel, tomorrow night at 8 PM. #Wednesday …
  • I’m very excited about this! …
  • Paul kicks off his new #FreshenUpTour in Québec City tonight. Let us know if you’re going to the show!
  • Everyone should aspire to have calves like @prattprattpratt

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