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  • Excited and humbled to kick off the 42nd annual Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, MI tomorrow. As always, ANWC has an exciting agenda and line up of great speakers … #ANWC #DigitalReinvention #IBM #Auto
  • This is #AI - amazing documentary on AI created by #IBM in a partnership with the Discovery Channel …
  • We urge Congress to pass legislation to help #Dreamers, but the Administration doesn’t need to wait for an act of Congress to keep children with their families. #KeepFamiliesTogether #DACA …
  • Simply a huge step forward in the future of media and advertising with the announced IBM & Mediaocean blockchain network ... stay tuned, more to come! @IBMBlockchain @TeamMediaocean …
  • Project Debater explores new territory in #AI by presenting arguments with evidence to develop succinct points of view. …

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