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Our Editor-in-Chief addressed the Australian National Press Club @PressClubAust about the fate of journalism and Julian #Assange on 3 December, available on @ABCTV Iview … | 11 uur

There is strength in numbers: journalists and writers speak up for Julian #Assange. Add your name here:  #WikiLeaks | 11 uur

This week, I saw Julian #Assange. Don't forget him. Stand with him. … | 11 uur

The father of Wikileaks founder Julian #Assange is confident a tide of public opinion is turning in support of the Australian languishing in a UK cell. @AAPNewswire | 11 uur

WikiLeaks’ editor in chief Kristiiin Hrafnsson at ABC HQ with 70 journalists, discussing #WikiLeaks and the threats to all journalists due to the espionage prosecution of Julian #Assange. Host was Michael Brissenden of 4Cs. | 11 uur

„#Assange’s due process rights have been severely & systematically violated for 10 years at every stage of all proceedings in all jurisdictions. One year ago, I would not have believed that this is possible in democratic States such as the UK and Sweden.“  | 11 uur

#Assange probeerde door openbaarmaking van geheime documenten oorlogen te stoppen. Assange heeft al jarenlang zijn kinderen niet gezien. Assange ervoer hoeveel compassie journalisten kunnen opbrengen, als ze er niet voor worden betaald. … | 11 uur

#MEAA slams govt policy on secrecy and calls for release of, yep, Julian #Assange. Whike he rits in an Englush jail, all journalism us the poorer. Paul Murphy, well done. | 11 uur

Already on 31 May 2019, I publicly expressed serious concerns & demanded urgent measures for the protection of #Assange's rights, health & dignity, plus full investigation & redress. Six months later, his political persecution by UK&US continues unabated.  | 11 uur

British have had to reverse their decision, allowing a Spanish judge to question #Assange in prosecution case of security firm that spied on him Cablegate: Spanish judge to question Julian Assange over Ecuador embassy spying claims | In English | EL PAÍS … | 11 uur

UN Rapporteur says UK & US are breaking the law over detention of Julian #Assange. Aust gov should oppose this flagrant breach of intl law. Australia, go on, use your Alliance bargaining power - “you’ve got your Pine Gap and Shoal Bay bases, so give us Assange back”. #UKUSA #5EYE … | 11 uur

Solidarity with Julian #Assange publisher of #WikiLeaks outside the British Journalism Awards | 11 uur

Happy to have signed this global statement alongside many journalists in support of Julian Assange and the vital journalism published by Wikileaks. #Journalists Speak Up for Julian #Assange … | 11 uur

We now have groups of doctors, intellectuals and journalists united in actions to #FreeAssange How about a group of educators? Teachers & professors? When we protect #Assange we protect our right to learn the truth about our world and to preserve an accurate historical record. | 11 uur

De onbekendheid van #Assange bij het grotere publiek is schrikbarend. Test het zelf, vraag de mensen. Anything to say? Freiheit für Assange! … | 11 uur

Powerful #walkleys opening from the great @KerryOBrien reminding journalists of need for solidarity in protecting #freespeech & the great injustice that #Assange is in prison in the UK for his journalism with @wikileaks that won the Most Outstanding Contribution Award in | 11 uur

Pak aan ⁦@nrc⁩ , van America’s meest vooraanstaande intellectueel. #Assange … | 11 uur

The VDJ demands Julian #Assange to be recognized as a political refugee … | 11 uur

Three Court Hearings for #Assange in December Dec 13th: Administrative hearing (to review custody every 28 days Dec 19th: Case Management hearing to review submitted evidence Dec 20th: Assange giving evidence in Spanish CIA spying case. | 11 uur

"Smears don't have much staying power on their own because they deviate from the foundations of reality (what actually happened). They require constant energy from our opponents to keep going. The truth has a habit of reassertig itself." - Julian #Assange - | 11 uur