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SC agreed that Babri demolition was unconstitutional: AIMPLB on #AyodhyaVerdict #ITVideo | 8 uur

My take on the #AYODHYAVERDICT in this week's #PoliticsKaSikander @ThePrintIndia Watch the Full episode here: | 8 uur

Naked truth : A judge was indulged in sexual harassment case and to save his ass he preferred to destroy whole justice system of India. What a shame. #Rafale #AyodhyaVerdict #Sabrimala | 8 uur

In which I rubbish four myths surrounding #AyodhyaVerdict: 1) Judgment based on Hindu beliefs 2) SC turned blind eye to Babri Masjid demolition sanctifying it 3) Judgment based on archaeological findings 4) A secular State was ordered to construct temple … | 8 uur

Massive protests held in #Bangladesh by various islamic party against the verdict on build the #RamMandir at the place of #BabriMasjid. #BabriMasjidverdict #AyodhyaVerdict | 8 uur

#Hefazat_E_Islam Bangladesh has announced nationwide protest program tomorrow against the verdict on build #RamMandir at the place of #BabriMasjid. #RebuildBabriMasjid #Bangladesh #AYODHYAVERDICT #BabriMasjidVerdict | 8 uur

Thousands of people have staged protests rally across the country against verdict on build #RamMandir at the place of #BabriMasjid. They demands rebuilding of the Babri Masjid. #Bangladesh #RebuildBabriMasjid #BabriMasjidVerdict #AyodhyaHearing #AyodhyaVerdict | 8 uur

Salutes Muslim personal law board to refuse that 5 acres priced the pride of Indian muslim community. #Babari #AyodhyaVerdict | 8 uur

"It started with anger, then shock, then despair, and then numbness," @RanaAyyub tells @HuffPostIndia #AyodhyaVerdict … | 8 uur

You are cute if you were expecting a different judgement in the #Rafale case even after the #AyodhyaVerdict. Very cute. | 8 uur

Review petition of AIMPLB A virtually holds no value. Most of the citizens of India, whether Hindu or Muslim or of other religions, have embraced and accepted the #AYODHYAVERDICT. The inteion of AIMPLB is only to anyhow keep the Ayodhya issue alive for reasons best known to them | 8 uur

"A braver court might have ruled for the Muslim side, but such a decision would almost certainly have had dire consequences for public order in Hindu-majority India—think riots & open religious warfare."@tunkuv on the Supreme Court's jugaad #AyodhyaVerdict … | 8 uur

It became fashion for some failed political Muslims to blame Owaisi for everything, it's settled matter that 'No Muslim will go against Law after #AyodhyaVerdict' does Eidgah UjaleShah drama got permission from Owaisi? Why should he middle in others idiocy? #IndiaStandsWithOwaisi | 8 uur

.@bdutt: India must find a way to treat its Muslim minority with fairness. Anything else will only leave deep scars and gaping wounds. #AyodhyaVerdict … | 8 uur

Those who call the #Ayodhyaverdict excellent,must note that it is not okay in a secular state fr SC to take decisions by making religion the touchstone of it. Also shld a fictional character who can question a womb's chastity deserve to be worshipped? 'God' can't preach misogyny. | 8 uur

This is good time for #SaveTemples and #ReclaimTemples movement after #AyodhyaVerdict. We will get back each and every temple which was encroached by islamic invaders in past. More than 40,000 are still under islamic occupation and need to reclaim them all. Join the cause!! | 8 uur

अयोध्या: आस्था का एक प्रतीक गिराकर उस पर दूसरा प्रतीक खड़ा करना शांति का रास्ता नहीं है #AyodhyaVerdict #BabriMasjidRamJanmbhoomiLandDispute #SupremeCourt #अयोध्या #बाबरीमस्जिदरामजन्मभूमिविवाद #सुप्रीमकोर्ट … | 8 uur

Popular Front of India(@PFIOfficial)conducted protests in different states against the unjust Babri Masjid verdict #BabriMasjid #babrimasjidverdict #AyodhyaVerdict  WATCH, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE | 8 uur

Professor Irfan Habib says over the Supreme Court's #AyodhyaVerdict , "There can be no reparations to the nation for such surrender to hooliganism and communalism." #babrimasjid … | 8 uur