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Column @SuleyOzturk deze week in @vi. Elke zin is raak. En dan vergeet hij zelfs nog dat achtelijke shirt te benoemen waar #Barca in gaat spelen | 18 uur

Messi stelt bijzonder pittige voorwaarde voor contractverlenging bij Barça #fcbarcelona #barçaça … | 18 uur

Barcelona’s Newest Fan #Barca #Barcelona | 18 uur

French connexion #Barca | 18 uur

[RMC Sport] | #Barça's Technical Secretary Eric Abidal have enquired about Nabil Fekir's situation in the last few hours. | 18 uur

-Played RB when Dani left -Played RW, in ansence of #Messi -played LB, in absence of Jordi -Played CM, in absence of CM Have played in every postion for #Barca except GK scored the most celebrated goal in the history of Barca agnaist PSG @FCBarcelona fan love you 3000 Sergi | 18 uur

A recent commisioned artwork I created inspired by @LuisSuarez9 #Barcelona #illustrationart #illustration #Barca | 18 uur

Thanks @Civil_War_Spain for bringing alive the history of the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona in a brilliant and thought-provoking way. What a great way to spend a morning (and early afternoon!) if in #barca it’s a must. | 18 uur

Would this be the best forward line in the history of the sport? #Barca | 18 uur

This attack ! #barca … | 18 uur

We all haven’t stopped watching this video of the boys yesterday on the ride @CefnHengoed #barca | 18 uur

Repost | @AntoGriezmann design on his move to @FCBarcelona #Barca | 18 uur

#FCB #Messi #Barca NEVER GIVE UP | 18 uur

Neymar(LCM) Greizmann(ST) Messi(RW) This trio should be Haram Ousmane Dembele is still 22 and will mold soon and used regularly to rest all these 3 players especially in Copa Games and easy home games Neymar,Greizmann,Demebele once Messi retires All Set #Barca | 18 uur

#barca news Barcer future | 18 uur

Camp Nou New season, new pitch. 2019/20 season #barca | 18 uur

Seems unfair that Neymar is getting all the flack while Mbappe is strutting around in an LFC cap. #PSG #Barca | 18 uur

Messi Vs Van Dijk for the Ballon D'or, only one winner #LFC #Barca | 18 uur

Messi really looks like god when he gets old#messi #barca | 18 uur

Antoine Griezmann | Another huge Barcelona signing #Barca #FCB | 18 uur