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  • I’ve gotten some questions about #2WayTues. You thread two tweets together by responding to your own micro. Label them as 1/2, 2/2. They should also have opposing intents (happy/sad for example). Feel free to tag them as such. #happy #sad. Explore! Have fun! Challenge yourself!
  • He’d killed men from Cairo to Connecticut. At first it was a ritual—lucky socks, special bullets—then a job, as perfunctory as brushing his teeth. But when he pulled the plug on his dad’s life-support his hands shook the same as anyone’s despite all the blood on them.#satsplat
  • People say I’m my own worst enemy, but they’re wrong. My worst enemy is the goose: the fallen swan, a hell-spawned demon duck who lives only to destroy us, steal our bread, and defecate on our walkways. Not necessarily in that order. I’m a distant second worst enemy at
  • Also revisiting @MauraYzmore's fantasy flash fiction piece from @gingercollect that turns fantasy conventions upside down -- and all the way around. Go, read, enjoy, ponder! …
  • Look at this beautiful, staggering issue out today from @BarrenMagazine. An absolute humdinger. (Do people still use that word? Did they ever? What even are words?) So happy to have a piece in this one. A special shoutout to @mgnlcs who was an absolute pleasure to work with. …

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