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  • And for his next trick, Roger will delete Bitcoin(dot)com! …
  • Per ⁦@WSJ⁩ ‘Hk seen $130 billion inflows since the U.S. began quantitative easing... in 2009.’ - HK GDP $340 billion. Thus, $$$ out a BIG DEAL Worried Hong Kong Residents Moving Money Out as Protests Escalate …
  • It’s time for the ETH gang to wake up, smell the ashes, and take some responsibility Their 2017 “blockchain everything” narrative failed miserably and cost retail investors BILLIONS, dumped into scams supported by ETH naiveté We’re toxic? How dare you? Where’s your post mortem?
  • Ditto. My grandparents were Hungarian versions of what in Ukraine they called "kulaks": they worked hard & saved & bought a farm from a broke feudal family. The "anti-fascist" thugs stole it. When Hungarians rebelled against this kind of treatment, Soviets sent in their tanks.
  • Amazing that it's mandatory reading in Russian schools yet over here in the States school systems are trending exactly towards the same kind of intersectional

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