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  • Bitcoiners are better at smelling bullshit than pigs finding truffle. It’s amazing.
  • Did you know that if you bought just $1 of Bitcoin every day for the last 9 years you would have turned ~$3,285 into over $18M by accumulating 2189 BTC? Just launched a tool to explore how DCA strategies would have performed using historic btc prices! 
  • PSA - if you are doing a cash transaction involving Bitcoin etc and your counter-party volunteers info about source of funds or intended use - immediately walk away from the deal. It's a sting. Walk away and don't look back.
  • It is extremely likely that the marketing folks at "CoinFieldEX" in Canada are buying fake votes and astroturfed comments on reddit. Companies who are willing to sink to this level on social media are unlikely to handle your money ethically. #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #scam …
  • French Journalist challenges Hong Kong Police STOP SHOOTING JOURNALISTS! Police: GET OFF! How pathetic is it?

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