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  • I'm grateful for compliments about my oratory skills. Having spoken at various places including Harvard's @hpairtweets, I'm often told that I'm a great speaker; a hard earned compliment that I value a lot. What are you grateful for today?
  • I'm grateful that my book Profit with Social Media was unveiled at Harvard's HPAIR. I'm also excited to share that a special edition copy of the book is at the Harvard library. What are you grateful for today? #GratitudeOfTheDay #profitwithsocialmedia
  • Got a @Twitter account and now struggling to use it. Here's an article that will demystify Twitter and tell you exactly how you to get started. #TwitterSmarter …
  • Looking to increase the amount of likes and comments on Instagram? Read here:  for the 11 best ways to write an Instagram caption in 2019
  • I'm grateful for healthy relationships. What are you grateful for today? #GratitudeOfTheDay

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