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Israel should build concentration camps and force all Arabs into gas chambers at gunpoint. I am being perfectly sincere. While we are at it, let's get rid of Ethiopian Jews. They're not really "Jews," if you know what I mean. #BenShapiro, signing out! | 4 uur

If Ben Shapiro runs for president he'd definitely have my vote as soon as I turn 18. #benshapiro #shapiro2024 | 4 uur

Accurate. #benshapiro | 4 uur

@benshapiro you pronunciation of #Gauguin is really triggering and you should fix it #benshapiro | 4 uur

The tree of liberty is watered with the high fructose corn syrups of homophobic chicken restaurants - #benshapiro | 4 uur

#benshapiro #ChickFilACaves How can someone be this dumb to not realize its a fucking fast food place that has really good chicken? They will lose no business over this and they are donating to better causes . | 4 uur

I will pay $100 to the first person who can find any example of @benshapiro @michaeljknowles @Thedailywire speaking out against conservatives who declined to spend their money at a place / company because it supported / donated to liberal causes. Any takers? #benshapiro … | 4 uur

#benshapiro is a joke | 4 uur

#benshapiro you should have some fun with this.these comments are amazing | 4 uur

This is the best way to wake up in the morning! Lol #BenShapiro … | 4 uur

Remember when Owen Benjamin Threatened Ben Shapiro with a Knife Dance?  via @YouTube #BenShapiro #OwenBenjamin | 4 uur

Ran into the knockoff InfoWars after protesting the #BenShapiro rally tonight and they accidentally admitted that “America First” is racist | 4 uur

America has the “...most prosperous black citizens on the planet” @benshapiro says. @dailyfreepress #boston #benshapiro | 4 uur

The crowd cheers as the man is now escorted out by Boston Police. @dailyfreepress #Boston #bostonpolice #benshapiro | 4 uur

Another protestor stands up and interrupts @benshapiro multiple times. The crowd chants, “kick him out.” @dailyfreepress #benshapiro #boston | 4 uur

In response to BU Students Against Hate Speech, BU’s @yaf President says, “imagine creating a club against something (hate speech) that doesn’t even exist.” #boston #benshapiro | 4 uur