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Het zijn toch ook net Bert en Ernie zeg. Zonder duidelijk aanwijsbare Bert of Ernie #Bernie #Ert @Eurosport_NL | 5 uur

2/ There is CLEAR evidence that #Bernie did not support all of the tough-on-crime aspects of that legislation. While the CBC was singing the crime bill’s praises, Bernie Sanders was calling out exactly how it would harm the Black community. It is there in black and fucking white. | 5 uur

#Beto's wife works for an org that pushes charter expansion & he says they're a "proven model" #Booker, #Bennett, #Moulton are DFERs that support charters & corp ed reform #Bernie is exposing charters as privatization scams that harm public ed Can't wait for the debates! | 5 uur

#Bernie didn't use the "for-profit" or "non-profit" designator before the term "charter schools". That's huge. Too many people think non-profit charters are ok; they're not. ALL privately-operated charters, for- & non-profit, defund and destabilize public schools... #TBATs … | 5 uur

If #Bernie starts pushing his education policy on the campaign trail, there's a good chance it'll come up in the debates. With Beto's wife working for an org that pushes charters and Bennett & Moulton being DFERs that support charters & corp ed reform, it'll be interesting... | 5 uur

When #Bernie's tied in #Iowa despite a massive media blitz designed to make it look like game over for | 5 uur

Omg, I am sooo excited to see #Bernie today Seeing #BernieSanders is 50% of my bucket list If I get to talk to him or touch him I'll probably faint Can't wait to hear him rip apart our stupid #AbortionBan #BernieInBama #BernieInBirmingham | 5 uur

Both the NAACP and BLM have called for moratoriums & audits on charters and a halting of privatization tactics - similar to what we see in #Bernie's public ed plan. @jonathanchait is being purposefully deceitful bc his family personally profits from charter | 5 uur

Remember those younger than 50 or those who live in NC cannot be polled by the establishment, because if you do, it makes #Bernie look good. #Bernie2020 | 5 uur

@ninaturner in North Carolina introducing #Bernie. We've got the #receipts for decades of #BernieSanders being on the right side of history. #Bernie2020 | 5 uur

#BernieoverBiden BERNIE OVER BIDEN BERNIE OVER BIDEN BERNIE OVER BIDEN BERNIE OVER BIDEN #PoliticsNow #political #PoliticsToday #PoliticalParties #Bernie #Biden2020 … | 5 uur

Overpaid pundits who can only talk about polls and horse races attempting to engage with the substance of #Bernie's #education policy speech. #SaturdayMorning | 5 uur

And there it is...#Bernie has equitable funding in his Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education, including a review of the deeply-flawed property tax model. #BernieInSC | 5 uur

We'll take the candidate who has the goal of making peace not war in #Iran. #feelthebern #Bernie | 5 uur

Someone shared a sweet picture of their Bernie Light with a red background last week. I'd never tried that. Anyway, here is a video I took of the Bernie Light shining on the wall as I cycled though the led colors.  #BernieLights #Bernie2020 #Bernie | 5 uur