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#Bitcoin was wereldnieuws deze week. Donald Trump stuurde een tweet, het senaat sprak erover en het IMF bracht een rapport uit. Hoe reageerde de koers erop? Lees het in de BTC-update van week 30. … | 15 uur

Jul 20, 2019 21:33:00 UTC | 10,932.10$ | 9,736.90€ | 8,744.30£ | #Bitcoin | 15 uur

Jul 20, 2019 20:01:00 UTC | 10,941.90$ | 9,745.60€ | 8,752.10£ | #Bitcoin | 15 uur

$BTC- what a way to end the last hour of the day... #bitcoin with a strong rejection st $11K... | 15 uur

$BTC #Bitcoin Can bulls save the daily ? Love the reaction so far. All longs filled, but I'm scared. Was heading to bed for fuck's sack. | 15 uur

Massage vip in dubai Good services incall or outcall My WhatsApp +971581758868 #bitcoin ... 02 | 15 uur

Flying high and Stacking Sats with @trylolli and @DJIGlobal #Bitcoin $ | 15 uur

How to explain #bitcoin $BSV to noobs in professional situations: “A public super computer which grants you access to a worldwide ledger that can be used to store anything of value from money to tokenized assets and even recreational or business apps.” | 15 uur

Outstanding @RTaylor05 interview by @RobertBeadles! #Dash is now more secure than #Bitcoin with instantly confirmed payments with transactions fees less than a penny! $Dash is digital cash & is instantly re-spendable! Full Video: … | 15 uur

$BTC #BITCOIN In before invalidation with a breakout above $11,000. If we break above $11,000 -> volume will come. | 15 uur

$BTC - this resistance is “golden” #bitcoin | 15 uur

$BTC - now the real test the market ready for $11K #bitcoin | 15 uur

Why would anyone want to pay with #bitcoin when there is a new kid on the block: | 15 uur

$BTC - quick check on some HOT #bitcoin price action on a HOT Saturday.. | 15 uur

#Bitcoin futures are warzone today. | 15 uur

This is the Final advance Notification! Satoshi Nakamoto #BitCoin #BSV $BSV #CraigisSatoshi #BTC | 15 uur

I hate #Bitcoin bears and everything they stand for. | 15 uur

I heard Arnie is making a new movie about a robot who comes back from the future to buy #Bitcoin. It's working title is 'The Accumulator'. | 15 uur

There will only be 21 million Bitcoins What happens when 7.52 billion people realize that? #bitcoin | 15 uur

I hope it will not be relevant soon #bitcoin | 15 uur