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Family reunion #BlackWidow | 5 uur

Sisters #BlackWidow | 5 uur

a... a family? #BlackWidow | 5 uur

The upcoming #BlackWidow film will portray some of Natasha Romanoff's actions in INFINITY WAR and ENDGAME in a "new light" according to @MarvelStudios president Kevin Feige! | 5 uur

This Brazilian #BlackWidow poster is fucking incredible. | 5 uur

The Red Room #BlackWidow | 5 uur

#1 reason why Hawkeye isn’t Taskmaster? This scene (which everyone is basing that theory on) is AFTER Civil War. At that point, Clint is on house arrest complete with an ankle monitor. He’s not chasing Nat and Yelena around Budapest in an armored vehicle. #BlackWidow | 5 uur

The 4 MCU/DC films releasing in 2020 are all directed by women #BirdsOfPrey — Cathy Yan #BlackWidow — Cate Shortland #WonderWoman — Patty Jenkins #Eternals — Chloé | 5 uur

DFnQGFgK551umsVnvmE68442 #マッサージ #BlackWidow … | 5 uur

OFFICIAL: The #BlackWidow next teaser is TV Spot (SuperBowl) will released in February! | 5 uur

Scarlett with her #BlackWidow co-star, Florence Pugh | 5 uur

FBrDHErV512pjyOhwjV30136 #マッサージ #BlackWidow … | 5 uur

Take a look at the exclusive #CCXP poster for Marvel Studios' #BlackWidow! See it in theaters May 1, 2020. | 5 uur

Let's settle this as of now RT : Scarlett Like : GalGadot #WonderWoman #BlackWidow | 5 uur

139 DAYS #BlackWidow | 5 uur

Yelena Belova-actress @Florence_Pugh has denied that her character will take up the #BlackWidow mantle in the BLACK WIDOW movie: "It certainly didn’t feel like a passing of the torch kind of film." | 5 uur

Ergens zijn we dan weer stiekem geneigd om het tegendeel te hopen #BlackWidow  | 5 uur

reminder that violet mcgraw is in the #blackwidow movie and she has scarlett’s nose | 5 uur

scarlett is such a humble person and a natasha romanoff stan i'm crying. like when she got praised by being a role model she gave all the credit to natasha plz watch #ScarlettJohansson #BlackWidow | 5 uur

Y’all can talk about how we should’ve gotten this movie years beforehand and before Endgame or we can talk about how #BlackWidow is the first movie of Phase 4, therefore making Natasha’s past, present, and future so important to the MCU and all the stories going forward. | 5 uur