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no smoking on #Bourkestreet | 23 uur

If you think Islamic terrorism is not a problem, go for an espresso at #Pellegrinis on #BourkeStreet and feel the loss of the legendary #Sisto. | 23 uur

Sunday morning breakkie Yum char at Tim Ho Wan #happyeaster #yumchar #timhowan #melbourne #bourkestreet #dimsum #familyday #packed #holiday #speciality #traditional … | 23 uur

Talk about a #ShittyWalk This guy never went anywhere! No treats either! #GeorginaLivesLarge at #ThreeBusinessmen in the #MelbourneCBD at the corner of #BourkeStreet and #SwanstonStreet #melbourne #blackpugpuppy #blackpug #pugpuppy #pugsofinstagram #pugstagram #pug #puglife #p | 23 uur

Tweets from our dangerous Bozo the Clown PM who has done MORE to increase the threat level to Australia than any other bcuz he has used the #BourkeStreet incident like a political football. Morrison go play with your dog whistle elsewhere & leave this to the experts. #auspol … | 23 uur

Islamic leaders exposed. They won't stand up to condemn Islamic terrorism. (Over 100 verses in the Quran promote, command and incite terror and death to unbelievers). But they will stand up to condemn our PM who wants their help to combat terror. #BourkeStreet @ScottMorrisonMP … | 23 uur

"I'm here to pay my respects." Shortly before going into full political mode endorsing Matthew Guy. Watch the opportunistic happy clapper get caught blatantly exploiting a tragedy. Everyone needs to see this wolf in sheep's clothing. #BourkeStreet #Insiders | 23 uur

"Islam teaches us that we have to answer the call of the country, to unite and fulfill our obligations and responsibilities to this country." Imam Ahmad Nadeem, one of our #QuestionIslamLive hosts. #bourkestreet | 23 uur

#bourkestreet the so called #TrolleyMan shows the neanderthal law and order types that life is complex and ex prisoners are human. | 23 uur

"To the people of Melbourne, your heartfelt tributes have shown us why our Dad loved this great city so much." The family of #BourkeStreet attack victim Sisto Malaspina have released a statement. They will donate flowers to nursing homes/hospitals to “brighten-up other’s lives”. | 23 uur

We have had enough of 'watching' terrorists commit acts of atrocity! Stop them! The #bourkestreet terrorist was on a watch list. Why? So they could watch him carry out his attack? We are so over "watch lists", it is time for action!  | 23 uur

Every week a #woman somewhere in Australia dies as result of #DomesticViolence but is rarely mentioned in media or Parliament. A #Muslim commits a murder in #BourkeStreet and PM attacks Muslim leaders & creates national crisis. Something is very wrong. | 23 uur

This time last year the @CFMEU paid homage to the selfless work of Brendan Nottle outside Sisto Malaspina’s Pellegrini. Today we praise the heroism of one of his flock, Michael Rogers who risked his life to preserve others. Thankyou. #BourkeStreet … | 23 uur

Premier @DanielAndrewsMP has spoken to Sisto Malaspina's family and offered them a state funeral @abcmelbourne @abcnews #BourkeStreet #springst | 23 uur

Something poignant about a man putting himself in harm's way to help a society that doesnt regard shelter for him and so many others as a priority... #auspol #BourkeStreet #shame | 23 uur

Facts which are otherwise conveniently ignored by some MSM #BourkeStreet “Sources close to family of Shire Ali, 30, say the man's life had "spun out of control" in past few years, as he struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues.” … | 23 uur

The same people who want to blame the violence of one man in #BourkeStreet on all Islamic people are also the ones who say women shouldn't hate on all men because some men abuse their partners. They can't have it both ways. #auspol #vicpol #insiders | 23 uur

I'm having afternoon beers with my wife's family.. Not game enough to talk about what happened in Melbourne yesterday.. Some are racist ffs very quiet is me #bourkestreet #auspol | 23 uur

The touching note left by staff for Sisto Malaspina in the Pellegrini's front window #BourkeStreet | 23 uur

A shrine has been created outside Pellegrini’s after the death of Sisto Malaspina. RIP #bourkestreet | 23 uur