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#Attaque au couteau à #Melbourne, des #vidéos choc de l'assaillant  #Australie #BourkeStreet | 11 h

A true Aussie hero! #BourkeStreet … | 11 h

"Islam teaches us that we have to answer the call of the country, to unite and fulfill our obligations and responsibilities to this country." Imam Ahmad Nadeem, one of our #QuestionIslamLive hosts. #bourkestreet | 11 h

In case you didn't receive Scott Morrison's message when he was in #BourkeStreet yesterday, it was this. #auspol #vicpol | 11 h

'All human life is held sacred. To kill one human is equated to killing all of humanity.' Letter by Foad Munir in @dailytelegraph #BourkeStreet @SharriMarkson | 11 h

'I pray for the speedy recovery of the victims' Letter by Shaheena Rana in @theTiser #BourkeStreet | 11 h

'Attack devastating' Letter by Foad Munir in @theage #BourkeStreet | 11 h

#bourkestreet the so called #TrolleyMan shows the neanderthal law and order types that life is complex and ex prisoners are human. | 11 h

A guy suffering substance abuse & mental illness (incl. paranoid delusions & hallucinations) has his passport cancelled & is placed on a terror watch-list. If the authorities knew all this, why wasn't a court order issued to admit him into psychiatric care?! #BourkeStreet #auspol | 11 h

#BourkeStreet is not a terrorist attack. Another mental illness case where the system failed | 11 h

Trolley Man’s a legend in the face of this madman he should be commended for trying to stop him ! #BourkeStreet #trolleyman , I wish there was more people like him , homeless or not what a legend , again the cops should have put him away sooner !!!!!! ,,, | 11 h

Not all heroes wear a cape. #trolleyman #BourkeStreet | 11 h

Riposa in pace, Sisto. You were a true gentleman, a stylish Italian of old, a friend to all who passed through your doors to enjoy a plate of gnocchi & watermelon granita. You didn’t deserve this. Melbourne won’t be the same without you. #SistoMalaspina #BourkeStreet | 11 h

The touching note left by staff for Sisto Malaspina in the Pellegrini's front window #BourkeStreet | 11 h

A shrine has been created outside Pellegrini’s after the death of Sisto Malaspina. RIP #bourkestreet | 11 h

Dear America, We had a tragedy here in Australia yesterday. A vile human took it upon himself to bring terror to #BourkeStreet. One innocent man died. Thankfully, he didn’t have a gun. If he did more lives could have been lost. Learn from your mistakes. Sincerely, The world | 11 h

i’m blocked by #matthewguy. any sign of him trying to politicise today’s #bourkestreet attack? while most of us are in a somber mood, i’d hate to think there are strategists somewhere out there tonight with ear-to-ear grins. | 11 h

From insanity comes brilliance. Who is trolleyman? #BourkeStreet | 11 h

“If he’d had a firearm, it could have been a lot worse,” says @VictoriaPolice commissioner @GrahamAshtonCCP of the attacker in #BourkeStreet - now being investigated as a terrorism incident. @abcnews | 11 h

Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with the innocent victims of today's #BourkeStreet incident. We're grateful to the men and women in blue who risked their lives to keep our city safe. We say absolute NO to any form of extremism in the name of religion or no religion. … | 11 h