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"Blimey; the first time ever in a pub and that lady sitting across from keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs!" #BrexitParty | 16 uur

Let's do another poll "Do you want #JeremyCorbyn as an interim PM for a couple of weeks to stop no deal #Brexit?" Please RT & share to get a big sample for this survey, thanks. #LeaveOct31 #remain #JC4PM #NoDealLibDems #Labour #Conservatives #LibDems #SNP #DUP #BrexitParty | 16 uur

In our house it’s a family thing! We believe in the @brexitparty_uk whilst sorting out our campaign materials my son said ‘watch this dad’ #ChangePoliticsForGood #BrexitParty | 16 uur

Busy day at our Addlestone street stall. Great response. It’s humbling when a 79yo tells me he flew back from visiting relatives in Lithuania in order to vote in the Referendum. #Democracy #BrexitParty | 16 uur

We had a fantastic reception at the Bedwellty Agricultural show today People are genuinely angry with Westminster politicians and Welsh Labour for frustrating #Brexit #BrexitBetrayal #LeaveMeansLeave #Brexitparty_uk #BrexitParty #labourleave | 16 uur

Busy campaigning with my colleague @The_Brexit_Bear Craig Smith PPC for Loughborough this week. Great reception from Lboro. People voiced frustration re: latest shenanigans going on in parliament such as moves for a ‘unity govt’ to stop #brexit #BrexitParty | 16 uur

BULLSHIT !!! #brexit #brexitparty | 16 uur

#brexitparty Accrington Market on a wet Fri afternoon. | 16 uur

New #BrexitParty candidate | 16 uur

i don’t even think i need to say anything else #BrexitParty | 16 uur

While remain parties talk about how to work together, the #Conservatives are silent on a #BrexitAlliance What's up @BorisJohnson? If you're serious about delivering #Brexit then you need the #BrexitParty! #ChangePoliticsForGood #Brexitparty_uk | 16 uur

Very proud to be announced as a parliamentary candidate for Islwyn Wales. Labour have ruled over the Welsh Valley's for 100 years, it's the right time for change! #ChangePoliticsForGood #LabourLeave #BrexitParty | 16 uur

Has to be #BrexitParty and #NoBraChallenge | 16 uur

An important law of physics, you can’t throw 17.4m people under a bus at once and expect the bus to make it. It just isn’t going to happen, even if it takes #brexitparty MPs in Parliament to get us to our destination. We’ve already got the ticket let’s complete the journey. | 16 uur

What’s the bet that #SarahWollaston will call a by-election just so that she can ignore the result? It’s why so many are now backing the #brexitparty | 16 uur

The nice thing about having a book as long as the Bible is among the rape and incest and genocide... sometimes they get it spot on #BrexitParty #ImmigrationPolicy | 16 uur

Oh dear. Was it something I said about Cambridge Analytica? My MEP has blocked me - there’s democracy and accountability for you in the #BrexitParty #AlexandraPhillipsMEP (the evil one not the good one) | 16 uur

If UK had left the EU on March 31st 2019 (as promised), I wouldn't be promoting any political party including the #BrexitParty. I'm sure I'm not alone, think about it. | 16 uur

Me and straight talking, no nonsense @Fox_Claire at the amazing @Leavers_GtrMcr meet up! Thank you to everyone who helped organise this meeting. Always a pleasure to have you Claire and looking forward to seeing g you again! #brexit #brexitparty | 16 uur

I abhor bullies and having the voice of our country silenced by our elected officials, when so many have lost their lives worldwide for freedom of speech and the right to self determination. #DemocracyOnTrial #BrexitParty | 16 uur