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  • How much $ if any should proven guilty cheaters be fined in online gaming if such fines ever existed and were enforced? Feel free to comment any thoughts after you vote.
  • I'm sure Jarvis is a good guy. I'm sure he makes great content.. I'm also sure that fortnite perma banning him is exactly what gaming needs moving forward. I also wish that players would have to pay a fine when caught cheating. I bet you kids would think twice if it was illegal.
  • The new modern warfare is my first cod and I sucked at first but playing with my roe boys has been so fun and I feel my game improving. We won like 50 games in a row of cyber attack. @AdrostusMorgan @zealwastaken @LiquidzLive @StreetSmartsGG @ClamyWaffles @BalmungM
  • Mixer office
  • Might start playing some pubG. Who's down I have zero interest in solos. Hmu here or DMs might play tonight!

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