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  • 美国革命,始于1773年“自由之子”的政治抵抗:倾茶抗税,引发殖民地连锁反抗运动,叛贼们提出“无代表,不纳税!”最终导致爆发1775年独立战争——提出口号:JOIN,OR DIE. 并由国父之一富兰克林亲绘断蛇图制成旗帜:“团结,或毁灭。”是美国人民最终赢得胜利的伟大精神。UNITE OR DIE!中国人,联合起来!
  • There is nothing like an Andrew Yang
  • Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang says Democrats need to articulate a vision for the country. "When we're talking about Donald Trump, we are losing to Donald Trump, even if it's in the context of talking about impeaching him."
  • Surprise. CNN cuts off Tulsi to protect Warren. —Vrindavan (Tulsi's sister)
  • On one side, you have a repressive regime crushing democratic freedoms in #HongKong. On the other, you have young people speaking out for freedom & democratic reforms. Proud to stand with @RepMcGovern in support of today’s bipartisan votes showing the House’s commitment to

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