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  • *पूज्यनीय बेपरवाह शाह मस्ताना जी के अवतार दिवस की सारी साध संगत करोंडो करोडों बार बधाई हो जी || *धन धन सतगुरु तेरा ही आसरा
  • @Gurmeetramrahim GURU Ji has taught method of meditation to millions of people, who have embraced it to incorporate positivity, peace and health into their lives.
  • #Meditation_BestHabitForKids @SaintDr. GurmeetRamRahimji insan encourages parents to give pocket money to children in return for meditating, so that they get habituated towards meditation. Meditation increase the confidence, well-power and reduced the bed habit
  • MSG MY GOD #Meditation_BestHabitForKids True meditation , these inherent powers unfold and we are able to utilize a much higher percentage of our brain for solving our problems. With this, solutions and answers appear from within even to the problems..! @derasachasauda
  • #Meditation_BestHabitForKids St @Gurmeetramrahim singh ji insan encourages parents to teach the habbits of meditation to their kids. This will make them confident and guide them to differentiate between right and wrong. @derasachasauda

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