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#ClimateChange @EricCorton Zonder boer geen oplossing! … | 2 uur

Hoewel de uitvinding van het internationale kapitalisme ten dele aan Nederland te wijten is, en dus de huidige klimaatnood ook, doen Nederlanders zoals @asnbank ook mee aan de oplossing daarvoor. #ClimateChange … | 2 uur

Remember your sadness when the Notre Dame in Paris was on fire? Now the #Amazon has been on fire for weeks. Where is the media attention? Where is the outrage? And where is your sadness? Please RT to raise more attention. #AmazonFire #climatechange #Brazil | 2 uur


#ClimateChange can seriously impact health through: - heat stress - increasing waterborne and foodborne diseases as temperature rise - malnutrition due to food insecurity caused by changes in rainfall patterns and drought. | 2 uur

This morning I checked my phone to read developments on the #AmazonRainforest and I got a sharp pain in my chest, enough pain that I had to hold my chest and take a moment. The Amazon rainforest has been consistently BURNING. #ClimateChange | 2 uur

Meanwhile in Greenland... #Arctic #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #sealevelrise #Greenland | 2 uur

BREAKING NEWS FOR ARIZONA There are 5 #ClimateTownHalls scheduled to take place 3 around the greater Phx area, 1 up north & 1 down south #ClimateChange has & will continue to effect our desert of a state If this causes you great concern, come to teach or come to learn 1/2 | 2 uur

We have deadly crisis going on WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION. #ClimateChange | 2 uur

YES!!!!! Anti-Bernies keep complaining Bernie hasn't released a detailed #ClimateChange plan yet and been saying it's coming....well here it is! THURSDAY 8/22! SO EXCITING Bernie is releasing his new #GreenNewDeal plan here in the Golden State. Here comes the sun... … | 2 uur

It's sad to know how the largest rain forest in the world, Amazon, creating 20% of the earth’s oxygen, basically the lungs of the world, has been on fire and burning for the last 16 days running, with literally NO media coverage #AmazonFire #wakeup #ClimateChange | 2 uur

The thousands of fires in Amazon are causing apocalyptic looking images and makin air quality in the South America harmful. This is São Paulo yesterday at 3:30pm, a city +2000 miles away from the closest fire... Yes. +2000 plus miles #SaveTheAmazonia #ClimateChange | 2 uur

Scientists in #Peru extract ancient ice to study #climatechange | 2 uur

So you understand #ClimateChange bc you know in near future water will be like oil,if Greenland melted sea lvl would rise about 20ft,so looking to invest will US economy burns ,in saying that I know youre having trouble, get well soon | 2 uur

Student activist @GretaThunberg #FridaysForFuture marked its first anniversary on Tuesday after a year that has seen the schoolgirl rise from a solitary protester to a leading figure in the fight against #climatechange. | 2 uur

DENIAL IS UNAFFORDABLE #Climatechange could cost the U.S. up to 10.5% of its GDP by 2100  via @washingtonpost & @adamzyglis @StabbyClown @Starbuck603 @eaglefeather43 @CivilEats @lisamarie1222 @Mean_Adam @HyapatiaLee @Scooter71162 @HeWhoLovesWords | 2 uur

When a church in France started burning, I heard about it within minutes. But when a rain forest that gives us 20% OF THE AIR THAT WE BREATHE it takes 3weeks?? I am SO mad, and SO sad #prayforamazonia but also, fight #ClimateChange | 2 uur

Iceland unveiled a plaque to its Okjokull ice sheet on Sunday, the first of the country’s hundreds of glaciers to melt away due to #ClimateChange. … | 2 uur

Grim reality #ChinaDailyCartoon #climatechange | 2 uur

#IDAworks to bring in innovative solutions to #climatechange problems. | 2 uur