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1. Causes of #ClimateChange: … #gratis #UiB #FutureLearn Nodig: minstens een middelbare schoolopleiding. Ivm lastige berekeningen. Resultaat: inzicht in deze man-made klimaatverandering, die al vanaf het begin vh industriële tijdperk gaande is. | 5 uur

Climate Change Poses Major Risks to Financial Markets, Regulator Warns  One more negative effect of #ClimateChange! | 5 uur

Can we expect @Barnaby_Joyce, @corybernardi and @HonTonyAbbott to start championing action on climate change now? #auspol #climatechange … | 5 uur

Yes. #climatechange is real and unavoidable. But #climatechange activities are propoganda to make poor to poor... | 5 uur

#auspol The warming alarmists must be getting desperate #climatechange. | 5 uur

There's three times more carbon in the soil than in the atmosphere – but that carbon's being released by deforestation and poor farming. This is fuelling climate change – and compromising our attempts to feed a growing world population, #ClimateChange … | 5 uur

There are so many ways that machine learning and AI can help with #ClimateChange, lots of great ideas for cross-field collaboration in this excellent paper by @david_rolnick, Yoshua Bengio and many other colleagues who deeply care about this topic. … | 5 uur

Watch this and understand that Morrison's lack of action on #climatechange is rooted in his Pentecostal belief system. He believes there is no point in acting today for our gradchildren's future as the rapture will spirit him away long before then. #auspol … | 5 uur

Everybody on earth should listen to @geraldkutney. #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange #ClimateBrawl … | 5 uur

Unions, unions, unions. Labor, Labor, Labor. ANY chance we could talk about the Coalition government’s role in the economy tanking & their wilful abrogation of meaningful action on #climatechange? #insiders | 5 uur

The World’s Most Insane Energy Project Moves Ahead by @jeffgoodell #Adani #climatechange … via | 5 uur

Over a million species of plants and animals face extinction because of human activity, new #UN report. There is no planet B. Time to implement a plan to address it all. #GreenNewDeal #ActOnClimate #ClimateChange #biodiversity #cdnpoli | 5 uur

Silent majority, you are aiding climate deniers by not being heard. Let politicians know how you feel. Join the challenge against the propaganda of climate deniers; use #climatebrawl for help. Be Active, Civil & Factual - #climatechange | 5 uur

Thinking about climate change #climatechange #smartdog #dogsoftwitter #DogsMostWanted | 5 uur

Republican @carloslcurbelo: "A #carbontax is the best first step for America to begin seriously combating #climatechange. For Republicans, this policy is a win-win." | 5 uur

Hiked to trift bridge today. And look at the glacier size change in mere 12 years . Are we still thinking that global warming is future? It's June and we still got snow on our paths. Hikes which were supposed to be fun are turning into alarms as well. #glaciers #climatechange | 5 uur

Says the man with no climate plan. You really should use your own lines instead of Doug’s all the time. You see how well he is doing. - #climatechange #cdnpoli | 5 uur

Mr. Scheer, is it really PM Justin Trudeau that is dividing the nation, or the propaganda that you and your party spew? - #climatechange #cdnpoli | 5 uur

My paper won the best CSCE paper award. The award was named after Prof Moselhi. #CSCE2019 #CSCE #DataScience #ClimateChange | 5 uur

This remarkable #Greenland photo highlights extreme #Arctic melting "We see now that it's melting faster than at any point in at least the last three & a half centuries, & likely the last seven or eight millennia" #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency … | 5 uur