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Hello Rotterdam! ⁦@ClassicalNEXT⁩ #cnext19 | 23 uur

Over enkele minuten starten we de live uitzending vanuit #CNEXT19 Classical:Next. Check de stream & de podcasts: … | 23 uur

Some key takeaways from @ClassicalNEXT in Rotterdam, in areas of streaming, social media and podium diversity (@MusicalAmerica waves its usual paywall through Sunday) #CNext19 … | 23 uur

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Freelancer DIY Exchange at @ClassicalNEXT - great to get together and chat about the ups and downs of freelance life from a wide variety of perspectives! #CNext19 | 23 uur

Monking away @ClassicalNEXT yesterday #doublefiesta #cnext19 | 23 uur

That's a wrap! Thank you so much for making this edition of #cnext19 the most successful to date! We will be updating our channels and bring you the highlights in the next coming days. Have a fantastic week and thank you for coming. See you next year! | 23 uur

Weirdest musical instrument of this year's @ClassicalNEXT award goes to Trio Zukan: pony jawbones #cnext19 Enjoyed this showcase a lot | 23 uur

Final night @ClassicalNEXT with these cuties - wooop #cnext19 | 23 uur

Signing off from @ClassicalNEXT tired but inspired. Great to see lots of friends and make new ones. To hear music, talk music, and to discover that Rotterdam has a statue of Optimus Prime. (I'm not going to post a pic of the OTHER statue here. You know the one I mean...) #CNEXT19 | 23 uur

#CNEXT19 Advanced Orchestra Programming in a Nutshell … | 23 uur

Richard Wigley of @UlsterOrchestra and Fiona Harvey of @aborchestras driving a lively session on Future Leadership in Classical Music at @classicalnext #cnext19 | 23 uur

Inventive sonic delights at @ClassicalNEXT Meredith Monk performed by the @TheHExperiment Great performance! #cnext19 | 23 uur

In @ClassicalNEXT panel on digital distribution, Veronica Neo of @primephonic notes that classical artists lag behind pop artists on embracing digital. Those who refuse to take more than one photo of themselves, do Instagram videos, etc. create a distance from fans #CNEXT19 | 23 uur

@kathleentagg & @drepet | Live at Jurriannse Zaal @deDoelen #cnext19 | 23 uur

Looking at orchestras for the 21st century. The key areas are diversity and inclusion... Getting to this from notions of equality and equity #cnext19 | 23 uur

A real pleasure to share the stage with @LydiaConnolly and @NMurrayBeale to talk about gender equality in classical music at Rotterdam's @ClassicalNEXT conference #cnext19 | 23 uur

Day 3 @ClassicalNEXT Global Orchestras meeting with @aborchestras UK and @OrchLeague US #cnext19 | 23 uur

After a great day of speed-dates, talks and meetings, Ensemble Offspring were just what I needed. Exquisite. #cnext19 | 23 uur

@dublinguitars | Live at #cnext19 | 23 uur

This is #cnextcomposers #CNEXT19 | 23 uur