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  • "There was a scary 60 to 90 seconds where we didn't really know what was going on." Passengers on a Delta flight this week were terrified when their plane plunged mid-air, dropping nearly 30,000 feet. 
  • This Japanese robotics firm wants to fuse humans and machines to give people the freedom of mobility. The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) ⁠— essentially a wearable cyborg ⁠— helps people move and strengthens signal pathways between the brain and muscles.
  • Bird populations in the United States and Canada have dropped by 29% since 1970, signifying 2.9 billion birds lost in almost 50 years, according to a new study 
  • Drink up if you're on an Alaska Airlines or Allegiant Air flight. But you might need to exercise some caution if you're on a JetBlue or Spirit flight. They tied for last among major airlines in the study. 
  • A new study shows that quickly smearing an ethanol-based hand sanitizer onto your hands probably won't kill those cold and flu bugs. According to the study, it's because your fingers are still wet with mucus. 

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  • Journalist, News Anchor (1940-)
  • Renowned television journalist Bernard Shaw covered many monumental 20th century events, from the Jonestown tragedy to Tienanmen Square. He helped launch news network CNN as its chief anchor.
  • From the Jonestown misfortune to Tienanmen Square, prominent television journalist Bernard Shaw covered several huge 20th century events. He was the initial support

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