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  • New photos show the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children playing in a garden co-designed by the Duchess 
  • What to know about Robert F. Smith, the man paying off Morehouse grads' student loans
  • One person was killed and eight others were wounded in a shooting at an Alabama high school graduation party 
  • It's been 38 years since Bob Marley died, but his legacy is larger than ever 
  • Three British divers -- who helped rescue a trapped soccer team in Thailand in 2018 -- have discovered that the world's largest cave is even bigger than previously thought

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  • Journalist, News Anchor (1940-)
  • Renowned television journalist Bernard Shaw covered many monumental 20th century events, from the Jonestown tragedy to Tienanmen Square. He helped launch news network CNN as its chief anchor.
  • From the Jonestown misfortune to Tienanmen Square, prominent television journalist Bernard Shaw covered several huge 20th century events. He was the initial support

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