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Corbyn wil van Joden af, Corbyn wil van Johnson af... Ik wil van #Corbyn af, maar dat is zeker geen optie? | 19 uur

Kijk, daar komt de echte linkse (antisemitische) aap uit de mouw! @jeremycorbyn wil het Britse kabinet laten vallen en zelf premier worden. God verhoede dat! @fvdemocratie #brexit #Corbyn | 19 uur

Parris is spot on as ever @ForChange_Now are indeed brave & we will work as ever x party to stop #NoDealBrexit by legislation, campaign for @peoplesvote_uk & to keep #Corbyn out of No 10. “Tory-led hard Brexit suits Corbyn best of all” #TIGforChange … | 19 uur

#Corbyn #RiseLikeLions This is it folks prepare for the | 19 uur

#Corbyn appeals to Tories to install him as “temporary Prime Minister”. Time to call nurse..... … | 19 uur

Lib Dems: We refuse to work with #Corbyn Also #LibDems: why won’t Corbyn work with us? Wtf do you want, besides chucking Corbyn so you can live your neoliberal wet dream with #TomWatson?! | 19 uur

Because #Corbyn's politics are crazy and unpopular? 76% want publicly owned railways 83% want publicly owned water 77% want publicly owned energy 81% want publicly owned schools 84% want a publicly owned NHS 70% want publicly owned parks | 19 uur

Just think, there are still people who actually believe him when he says he voted Remain in the 2016 EU referendum. Poor, misguided fools. #Labour #Corbyn | 19 uur

What's the Russia connection with #Corbyn then Gapes? Come on, what's in it for Putin backing him? Why does Putin wine and dine #Tories including Johnson? Tories have taken over several hundred thousand in donations with Kremlin linked donations, why you quiet on that? | 19 uur

I’m open about my doubts - I met David Cameron twice but have never met #Corbyn Full interview here: | 19 uur

I am so tired of hearing from casual voters that they can't trust #Corbyn based on a ton of bullshit which has no factual base.Its a mass manipulation fed through the media and paid for by the people who are petrified that Corbyn will create a fairer society.#VoteCorbyn | 19 uur

The Tories have consistently said that the prospect of a #Corbyn led government would see a run on the pound. As usual it looks like the truth was the opposite of what the Tories said... #JC4PM2019 … | 19 uur

Support #Corbyn & #RegisterToVote | 19 uur

Remember #Corbyn lost a vote of no confidence from his own MPs in 2016 by 171 to 42. And he wouldn’t go. So how can anyone trust him as a “caretaker” prime minister? #Caretakergovernment | 19 uur

Calling all @LibDems !!!.... Would you rather support #Corbyn for a few weeks ! Stop #nodeal and remove hard right #Tories ! Or support #BorisJohnson and #farages #NoDealBrexit and the sale of our #NHS to #Trump !!! | 19 uur

Had some bad news today so signing off from twitter for a while. Please stay strong #Corbyn supporters for the coming months. Thank you to my friends. | 19 uur

If @joswinson @Libdems get their way slandering #Corbyn and keeping him out,i will now #VoteLeave i kid you not | 19 uur

#Corbyn Corbyn As PM | 19 uur

The fish to bicycle logic of #corbyn being the answer to what this country needs, even temporarily, always brings me back to Father Ted when Dougal was accidentally allowed to officiate a funeral. | 19 uur

And whoever is the next PM securing a sufficiently long Article 50 extension must come before anything else. #Corbyn | 19 uur