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Classic Cars In Cyprus - Gaz Volga Bolla #cyprus #gaz #bolla | 4 uur

Victim of alleged Israeli gang rape #Cyprus had lower body wounds "Court heard that the British tourist had scratches on her lower extremities According to Prosecutors it was assessed that the injuries were deliberately inflicted" (18 Jul 2019, 1:03 pm) … | 4 uur

Sandro will sing for Cyprus! @cybc_com_cy’s choice for Rotterdam is 23-year-old Sandro #OpenUp | #ESC2020 | #Cyprus | 4 uur

Turkish troops advance in Beşparmak (Kyrenia) Mountains, #Cyprus Peace Operation, July 1 9 7 4 | 4 uur

Cyprus stapt naar Internationaal Gerechtshof over aardgasboringen Turkije #cyprus #turkije #eu … | 4 uur

On 3rd December 2019 the High Commissioner of the Republic of #Cyprus in the #UK Andreas S. Kakouris presented his credentials to HM The Queen at #Buckingham | 4 uur

I just heard today my zoomer sister is going to #cyprus too. I strongly advised her against it ofcurse. … | 4 uur

Milad Oghabian derde in Golden Poker Million Cyprus (€74.000), forse overlay op €1 miljoen gegarandeerde prijzenpot #poker #cyprus Artikel: … | 4 uur

Tag someone who could eat ALL these #koupepia! ⁣⁣ For our foreign followers, 'koupepia' are vine leaves stuffed with ground pork, rice, variety of herbs, lots of lemon and tomatoe juice!⁣⁣ Photo by: @myfamilysfooddiary (IG) #cyprus #cypruspassion | 4 uur

Who would possibly want to visit #Cyprus ever w/such a flawed & easily contrived police/justice system? … | 4 uur

#Cyprus dient klacht in bij VN-Hof in Den Haag wegens illegale gas- en olieboringen door #Turkije. … #FD #Energie | 4 uur

I so hope justice is done. I realise the perpetrators may never face trial but the #Cyprus authorities should at least release the victim with a full apology and hold their police and prosecutors to account for what they've done. | 4 uur

#Turken zijn #schurken. Het is tenslotte 5 december. #Cyprus #Turkije  | 4 uur

One of the martyrs is descended from Pontian Greek genocide survivors who avoided slaughter from Kemalist forces 100 years ago. Although his ancestors survived the genocide, he was still martyred during the Turkish invasion of #Cyprus in 1974. The song is typically Pontian Greek. | 4 uur

vacation mood on. #Cyprus | 4 uur

Lies + propaganda 1) Grivas started his career as officer of the Hellenic Army in 1919 2) Grivas was an anticommunist. The 'nazi collaborator during WWII' opinion is a result of communist propaganda 3) EOKA (1955 - 59) was an anti-colonial organization @pprodromou #Cyprus | 4 uur

Same here Conor, we dealt with same court, different prosecutor and judge but both failed in their jobs in our case (to say least) we also had horrendous experiences with #ayianapa police which is why we feel do strongly about this girl's case (and others in #cyprus) | 4 uur

#Cyprus system is rife with #corruption. As simple as that. | 4 uur

And I'm done with the xmas tree. #writerslife #cyprus | 4 uur

Where are the women? #Cyprus 2019 | 4 uur