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I “argued” with some DD fans on Facebook last night over my twitter page. Not that i have to defend it but i use my twitter to voice my opinion (mine!) about #DerangedDonald , the very worst President this fine nation has ever seen. 1/ | 8 uur

#DerangedDonald, i.e., BOZO should go back to his mother’s country as well-Màiri Anna NicLeòid, May 10, 1912-August 7, 2000: Born in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland; she immigrated to the United States in 1930 and became a naturalized citizen in 1942. … | 8 uur

#DerangedDonald is talking about himself in the third person again! I so miss Obama's calm demeanor and steady leadership! I remember when the office of the President was a revered position! What the fuck happened? Oh yeah, #TrumpTheSexualPreditor! | 8 uur

Oh, Donald, honey, where to start? An extremely stable genius who lauds an airport battle in a mashup of two 200-year-old wars? Who claims wind causes cancer? Blames forest fires on bad raking? Who has undisputedly told 8,000+ lies in 2 1/2 years? #effingmoron #DerangedDonald | 8 uur

Impeach #DerangedDonald #DitchMitch Throw the entire administration OUT! … | 8 uur

The #OrangeMoron never lies, right? #DerangedDonald on his buddy, | 8 uur

Look who is having dinner with #DerangedDonald That is our very own Stan Kroenke at tonight’s dinner for the emir of qatar @YankeeGunner @arseblog | 8 uur

Because this is what a President says. Shame on anyone who votes for this disgusting sub-human. #derangedDonald | 8 uur

Inspite of the Mueller Report? The Mueller Report in no way cleared #DerangedDonald of obstruction. | 8 uur

They do not say bad things about the US. They call YOU out for the bad things YOU do!! #DerangedDonald #AnybodyButTrump2020 | 8 uur

#DerangedDonald #ConDon #PutinsPuppet #RussianOwned Everyone thinks you're a | 8 uur

3 suggestive phallic symbols and a slimming Photoshop job. I prefer this one: #DerangedDonald | 8 uur

Ever wonder if #DerangedDonald has decided that he’s living in the movie #TheHungerGames but he never saw the ending? | 8 uur

If #DerangedDonald is doing such a great job WHY IS THE US RUNNING OUT OF MONEY? HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO BALLANCE THE BUDGET!? Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday issued a warning Friday that the US government is at risk of running out of cash sooner than expected. | 8 uur

Please... Please... Please... Don't tell #DerangedDonald that Jimmy Hoffa isn't available to become the new Labor Sec. | 8 uur

#DerangedDonald loves getting his balls licked by FOX Not-So-News!! | 8 uur

WTF #DerangedDonald ? .. I'm embarrassed on americas behalf | 8 uur

Be serious. This guy needs help. #DerangedDonald #StableGenius | 8 uur

Big day for you, poopyhead! Maybe get ice cream afterwards. #DerangedDonald | 8 uur

OMFG!!! You really have lost the plot today Trump! #DerangedDonald at his best! We all know you lie on an hourly basis, probably even in your dreams, but this whole statement is not only a lie but a total delusion! Oh & the racism is reported too! #RacistPresident | 8 uur