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Gear drops incoming! Unlock 3 exclusive items in @CallofDuty #ModernWarfare right now. Follow us. Then tweet @MountainDew with #DoritosDewDrop and we’ll send you a code. | 18 uur

Got an extra code for whoever enters it first.. #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

Als het goed is zou het nu wel werken: @MountainDew #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

@Doritos Hand over the code OR the chicken gets it. #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

@Doritos #DoritosDewDrop lemme get dat code | 18 uur

@Doritos #DoritosDewDrop PogT | 18 uur

@Doritos #DoritosDewDrop woop woop | 18 uur

@Doritos #DoritosDewDrop still no code from the first. hopefully this one works... | 18 uur

@doritos #DoritosDewDrop my code plz xdxd | 18 uur

#DoritosDewDrop woop woop! | 18 uur

@Doritos #DoritosDewDrop hopefully I get it this time | 18 uur

Wiiijaaa yes babyy #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

Tis the season of goodwill so we are extending the Exclusive item drops for @CallOfDutyUK #ModernWarfare for one more week. Follow us, and then tweet @DoritosUK with #DoritosDewDrop to claim your in-game gear. | 18 uur

Cool watch @Doritos #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

@GameFuel dorp dorp #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

Can't wait to get home to some @Doritos and play some CoD all night! #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

Thanks to Doritos for these xp cards on modern warfare #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

I love Mountain Dew and Doritos while I game on modern warfare #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur

Patiently waiting for that sweet, sweet #DoritosDewDrop from | 18 uur

can i have a code @MountainDew #DoritosDewDrop | 18 uur