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  • Got pulled over for a broken headlight, and may I say I've never had such a thorough "standard check". That said, @FriscoPD was nothing if not professional and amicable, so interesting start to a fun night, I suppose?
  • If I ever remember who recommended Dark to me, I may very well strangle them. I would describe it as "gripping", along with "likely to inspire you to create Charlie maps to keep track of it all, and also shriek 'WHAT?!!' at your screen a lot". A+, but consume at your own
  • Today we issue a travel warning calling for travelers & visitors to the United States to exercise extreme caution & have a contingency plan when travelling throughout the country. This is due to ongoin rampant gun violence in the United
  • TIL on @Sawbones that Einstein wasted an afternoon searching for cosmic sex energy and that's probably why we don't have time travel. (also, I have been shamelessly mining this wonderful podcast for my band name account, @CedowBandNames )
  • Yesterday was my birthday, and I treated myself by ignoring my phone even more than usual. It was glorious.

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  • Philanthropist, Politician, Author, Surgeon (1951-)
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