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Tot ziens Amsterdam!!!! #EHA24 | 9 uur

Goedemorgen #Amsterdam #EHA24 | 9 uur

#EHA24 #EHA2019 | 9 uur

Large B-cell lymphomas (Education Session): pathologist view with the importance of DH/TH determination, PD-1 alterations in PMBL and PCNSL (pembrolizumab?) and from molecular alterations (DLBCL molecular classification) to therapy #EHA24 – bij RAI Amsterdam | 9 uur

#CART & #RealWorld #EHA24 #EHA2019 by Dr. Yi Lin from | 9 uur

The role of CAR T is increasing in lymphoma. Effective, manageable adverse events, but have to be multidisciplinary teamwork. #EHA2019 #EHA24 | 9 uur

As in other EHA congresses, #EHA24 starts spectacularly, this time, with a real-life version of the Nightwatch. | 9 uur

A flavor of Amsterdam #EHA24 | 9 uur

Surprised about the results of the poll about treatment of high-risk #DLBCL #lymphoma #EHA24 | 9 uur

The future of myeloma is here. Brilliant presentation by @NoopurRajeMD #EHA2019 #EHA24 | 9 uur

Being awake until 0300 due to time zone disorientation then dragging weary corpus out of bed at 0700 for meetings is a vivid reminder of what our international colleagues endure each year for @ASH_hematology @ASCO & other stateside annual Heme-Onc conferences #EHA24 #sympathy | 9 uur

The 24th EHA Congress starts in less than 48 hours and we are very excited to welcome you to Amsterdam. The final preparations at #RAIAmsterdam are in full effect. See you soon! #EHA24 | 9 uur

Our posters are up and we are ready to chat about them this evening. If you are at @EHA_Hematology #EHA24, come visit me and @ZPWLC from 5.30 until 7, we would love to tell you about our survey findings. | 9 uur

CONGRESS | #EHA24 | @DrChrisHourigan, @nih_nhlbi, discusses the impact of conditioning intensity for allo-SCT for AML with genomic evidence of MRD | 9 uur

E Domingo @HHospitalet: Nivolumab + AVD in newly diagnosed advanced stage cHL #EHA24 #Hodgkin | 9 uur

Do patients want to use ePROMS? Here is the opportunity for the patients out there to make their voice heard. Ask your clinicians about ePROMS. They exist but not yet used widely. Also helps with communication with staff. So many advantages #EHA24 – bij Theater - RAI Amsterdam | 9 uur

#EHA24 F. Pignatti (EMA) asks whose values should be included to assess risks-benefit of drugs. And a historical about patient involvement. Takeda speaker (3rd pic) stresses that patient input needs to happen early. Would be so good if this was consistent reality. | 9 uur

This was my first European Haematology Association conference. There are a reasonable number of delegates from Patient organisations, a patient led policy symposium track, patient advocacy hub and accelerated meeting registration for patient representatives. Well done #EHA24 | 9 uur

History of anti-PD1 therapy development for HL patients by Prof Engert at #EHA24 | 9 uur

EMA’s Francesco Pignatti at the EHA-Patient Joint Policy Symposium: not EMA, but doctors and patients need to decide whether a medicine is of added value. #EHA24 | 9 uur