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  • Yo ho! Super breaking news. I now have an Author’s Page over at Amazon. Please follow and you’ll be the first to know about new releases, events and all manner of skippy excitements. 
  • Pharmaceutical industries warn of medical shortages post No Deal Brexit. Hope Johnson explains the flag waving for THAT. …
  • I'd respect the candour of Tory MPs switching to Boris Johnson if they admitted he's winning and they want a job instead of pretending to suddenly admire a cowardly, shifty, idle, blundering, untrustworthy, poisonous serial liar
  • The first concentration camp of the Nazi period was Dachau. It was reported in the media - one paper showed a swimming pool for inmates. It was twenty minutes walk from the centre of town. It wasn't hidden, and to begin with, people didn't see it as the brutal hell we know it as.
  • Cornwall is

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