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Voor alle mensen die mee gefrustreerd zijn samen met mij over Jeff Hoeyberghs zijn uitspraken, hier is een song van Mel Ross naar aanleiding van #EnoughIsEnough. Gives me power and she is speaking only the truth. #WeFightBack  | 21 min

In the last 5 days, 5 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty by criminals who committed felony acts. #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

The death of a loved one is a hollowing experience. After 39 years, Sean, Julian and I still miss him. Imagine all the people living life in peace. Yoko Ono Lennon 8 December 2019 #enoughisenough #peace #guncontrolnow #gunviolence #nra #guns #gunsafety #firearms | 21 min

In 48 hours 3 families, 3 agencies, 3 states, and 1 Nation experienced tragedy and horror. 3 senseless acts of violence committed by 3 cowards against 3 guardians, that vowed to protect the communities that they serve. #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

Out of respect for the 2 families & Brothers & Sisters in Blue who are mourning the loss of one of their own; I’ll not be tweeting anything today unless it’s related to our Fallen Heroes killed in the Line of Duty #BlueLivesMatter #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

We have again lost another officer in the line of duty. Please keep Sergeant Kaila Sullivan of the Nassau Bay Police Department in your thoughts & prayers. Sergeant Sullivan was intentionally struck by a vehicle driven by a wanted subject. Another taken too soon. #EnoughisEnough … | 21 min

Keep the Nassau Bay PD & family of Sgt Kaila Sullivan in your thoughts, she was tragically killed in the line of duty Tuesday night. Hard to control the anger standing here in her hospital room & viewing this gang member’s lengthy violent criminal history. #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

Rest In Peace @JerseyCity PD Det Joseph Seals who was shot & killed in the line of duty on 12/10/19 while investigating a homicide. He leaves behind a wife & 5 children. Please retweet to honor him #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue #StopKillingUs #WarOnPolice #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

WTAF??? #EnoughIsEnough … | 21 min

CONFIRMED: the #ThoughtsAndPrayers offered by politicians following Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, Orlando, (and far too many others) all failed to prevent today's Pensacola shooting. Is it okay to talk about #GunControlNow? Or still too soon? #EnoughIsEnough … | 21 min

Just think... If they’d lie to you about a 4 year old boy being ill and not having access to a hospital bed, what else would they lie to you about? EVERY FUCKING THING! #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

FG has ordered probe of court invasion by DSS —AGF, Malami #EnoughIsEnough … | 21 min

Wij zijn erg benieuwd naar het statement van @DrsBuismans van vandaag #enoughisenough … | 21 min

For the newspaper (not worth mentioning) who like to put out articles regarding mental health and campaigns against suicide... they really love to pester and drag people down. #EnoughIsEnough … | 21 min

Rest In Peace @HsvPolice PO Billy Fred Clardy III who was shot & killed LOD on 12/6/19. He was a @USArmy veteran & leaves behind a wife & 5 kids. His father was also killed LOD in 1978. Please retweet to honor him. #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue #StopKillingUs #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

#doesanyonefuckingcare that I, as a teen, had to fight my own father to protect my mother from domestic violence? No, because women just overreact, amirite? #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

Last night, another spineless degenerate brutally murdered a hero. LEO attacks are on the rise and we are losing our lives to senseless violence. Communities and their leaders must take a stand with police and bring an end to the violence. #EnoughIsEnough … | 21 min

Rest In Peace @FYVpolice Police Officer Stephen Carr who was shot and killed on 12/7/19 in an ambush attack as he sat in his patrol car in the Police Department's rear parking lot. Please retweet to honor him #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue #StopKillingUs #EnoughIsEnough | 21 min

Prayers to Sgt Kaila Sullivan. Thank you for your service. RIP #EnoughIsEnough #BlueLivesMatter … | 21 min

A brave man went to work today only to make his community better. This coward didn't care that his intentions were pure. Didn't care that he had family and friends. Only that he didn't want to face consequences. The violence must end! #EnoughIsEnough  | 21 min