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Het is Raf Van Brussel (Eurosong 2004) die de nieuwe titelsong van #thuisopeen zingt. @een #eurovision | 19 uur

Met één, twee, drie of vier... de afgelopen jaren zagen we heel wat presentatoren. Wie was de beste? #Eurovision | 19 uur

Throwback naar enkele geweldige openingacts... #Eurovision | 19 uur

Oekraïne stuurt Sofia Ivanko naar het Junior Eurovisiesongfestival 2019. #Eurovision #JESC2019 | 19 uur

Demi Lovato is officially joining the cast of the Netflix film, #Eurovision!  | 19 uur

Will Ferrell welcomes Demi Lovato to #Eurovision cast  | 19 uur

Dan Stevens has joined the cast of #Eurovision, a new film about the world's biggest song competition. He'll play Alexander Lemtov, the Russian contestant facing off with Lars & Sigrit, aspiring Icelandic musicians, played by Will Ferrell & Rachel McAdams | 19 uur

I can't believe that it has been three months since #Eurovision. Performing #Proud on the stage in Tel Aviv was a dream come true but also a proof that all of our dreams are valid. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. The best is yet to come. Love, T. | 19 uur

American hit maker #DemiLovato has used her birthday to give #Eurovision fans a special gift: She’s announced she’ll appear in the @Netflix #Eurovisionmovie We’ll assume she’s playing a singer/contestant | 19 uur

Ja mensen: 31 augustus! #songfestival op TOR! #eurovision | 19 uur

Charming? We don’t know her. #Eurovision | 19 uur

As it's #WorldPhotographyDay, we want to see photos from your 2019 #Eurovision parties Reply to this thread with your best photo, and we'll share some of our favourites later today | 19 uur

Deze Week| Wit-Rusland stuurt kandidaat naar het Eurovisiesongfestival in Nederland! #Eurovision #ESC2020 | 19 uur

46% of Russia’s total score is the amount of points that Sergey got in both of his participations combined. #Eurovision | 19 uur

Americans were pressed they never got invited to #Eurovision so they had to make a movie about it to feel included I HAVE TO LAUGH … | 19 uur

Quedaron en 4ª posición del Televoto en su Semifinal: Say Na Na Na (124) Scream (124) Toy (116) Under The Ladder (114) I Can't Go On (103) I Feel Alive (132) LoveWave (116) Color Of Your Life (131) Warrior (97) Love Injected (100) #Eurovision | 19 uur

#Eurovision Countdown: 9 MONTHS LEFT | 19 uur

#DemiLovato has been cast in Netflix new movie #Eurovision!!! | 19 uur

7th places this decade have been AMAZING 10 Apricot Stone 11 Watch My Dance 12 Love Me Back 13 L’Essenziale 14 Shine 15 Goodbye To Yesterday 16 Lovewave 17 Yodel It! 18 Dance You Off 19 Proud #Eurovision | 19 uur

Which table are you sitting at?! #Eurovision edition! | 19 uur