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  • Hangman is a lovely childhood game where you slowly draw a man killing himself if another kid can’t read your mind.
  • I don’t know why “snowflake” is an insult. They are individual, magical, and just one of them can bring down the entire UK train network.
  • The Red Cross Blood Bank has had to close several collection centres because of bush fires and they are running short. If you can drop by and give a donation this week please do! ⁦@RedCrossAU⁩
  • Putting the call out: if you truly want the end of racism in this awful country, stand in solidarity, whether on the streets or online. If online, #IstandwithWarlpiri, #SolidaritywithYuendumu, #JusticeForWalker. Aboriginal lives matter.
  • White Australia must #showup in solidarity with First Nations Peoples for #justiceforWalker & every other First Nations person killed by cops & prisons It’s time for us white fellas to step up & put our bodies in front of our black brothers & sisters #stepup

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