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  • Put in 8 hours on GTA V RP server @RPGenesisUS and loved every minute of it. Can't wait to fly back into the city to take my SOP and field tests!
  • Super disgusted with my local @sobeys . They threw wheat-snacks into the designated, clearly marked gluten free section. When i pointed it out, the staff talked down to me about it, the supervisor said she'd move them and pretended to until i left, then put them right back :/
  • Heading to @TheRecRoomCa here in St. John's today to see what it's all about! I'll keep you all posted on how many games I get my rear handed to me in :P
  • 50/50... This is certainly not clarifying anything for me so far :P #TeamEmmmmsie #TheDailyGrind …
  • Should I make a "FishingTacklee" Snapchat? Is this something people find helps them connect with their community? Let me know please!

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