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  • Hear me out: a SECOND referendum on whether we should build a planet-killing weapon …
  • This is extraordinary. We may be able to bury 100% of our civilization’s entire carbon output just by changing farming practices. Why aren’t we hearing more about this? Why isn’t it front page news across the planet? …
  • In conclusion, if you are stepping on anyone else's unbridled joy in any field of human endeavor, take a long hard look at your life choices.
  • I've been in the US 23 years and I still don't understand the prohibition against players celebrating scoring in sports. A puritan hangover maybe? But this wasn't even choreographed dancing in the end zone. It was, at worst, a slide and a kick. What the hell's wrong with that?
  • This thread right here. I've been utterly bemused by American complaints about the #USWNT celebrating each record-shattering goal -- why wouldn't you? …

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