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  • .@SaltsCure please open an NYC location
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  • Sorry, thought it’d be clear that my opinion on that doesn’t include medical emergencies. I don’t feel that an emergency is part of a choice- like you said, both lives at risk ! xx …
  • No one knows what happens behind closed doors.Maybe things we can’t even imagine.I don’t support late term abortion, but in early stages, no one else’s opinion matters if a woman does not feel that she can safely bring a child into this world;Every child deserves love &

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  • Model (1995-)
  • Gigi Hadid is an American fashion model who has walked the runway for the biggest fashion designers in the industry. She has graced the covers of 'Vogue,' 'Teen Vogue,' 'Harper's Bazaar,' 'Elle,' and 'Glamour.'

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