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  • HELP NEEDED I will donate $2 to charity for every follower I get before June 30. I will go to Africa and show you how it’s lifting people out of poverty. My wife said if I get 10k followers I can do another charity walk through Africa. Get following and retweeting #sendmebroke
  • I think the deeper truth is that Howard turned half the nation into a completely self-interested middle class that priotises its own prosperity over fairness, vision, compassion, ethics and any thought for the planet. Morrison just exploited it. It’s a sad reality. #Insiders
  • The Exchequer was 4.8 to 6.8 on the fair but according to Gaz the money kept coming for it
  • I think its pretty clear that 92.71% of voters are clueless as to how preferences work. They vote for the party of Clive and Pauline in protest not knowing that it's a default vote for the party they are often shunning
  • In other news, the Greens are leading in Canberra 12-10

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