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  • Picat version 2.6 released: Updates:  Download:  Picat page:  Our book: … (And my Picat page:  )
  • Many focus on #bigdata and that's great but the requirements make it difficult. Bayesian Networks have some tremendous value in solving issues with limited data and complex conditions. @OpenAccessGov has a fantastic article on "smart data" & #BN :
  • Now available: MiniZinc t-shirts, stickers, mugs etc! (Sold at cost, we're not making a profit) …
  • Picat version 2.5 has been released:  Updates:  Some of the new features: new smt module (requires z3 or cvc4), allow ranges in subscripts, e.g. A[From..To] is the same as slice(A,From,To) #picat #copr
  • Thrilled to see an #ORblog post about MiniZinc hit the first page of Hacker News with people discussing how useful it is: … What a great recognition for constraint programming #copr, which often inspires and complements integer programming! #orms

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