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  • RT @IJCAI_ECAI_18: Accepted papers, 800+, to @IJCAI_ECAI_18. Find the list at
  • @llaisdy @PrologInfo I would first try it out in MiniZinc or Picat, though it might not be that exact algorithm. Algorithms in non-constraint model systems is not always translatable to constraint model systems.
  • RT @spokutta: Pretty handy to sift through all kinds of books:
  • A great 3h30min tutorial by Neng-Fa Zhou and Román Bartak on Picat at AAAI 2017 "Modeling and Solving AI Problems in Picat":" More info: #copr #picat
  • RT @fa_voc: Optimize all the things with MiniZinc - FOSSASIA 2018

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