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  • A dipper amongst spawning salmon and trout today. They forage on the river bed collecting aquatic invertebrates displaced as the fish create their 'redds' (or nests) @ProfColinBean @RSPBScotland @SNHbiodiversity @_BTO @IYS_Atlantic @WildlifeMag @AST_Salmon
  • Notice the compression closest to the earth surface smashes the bottom of the moon due to atmospheric density near Earth’s face. As it rises it looks to be more Circular. Earth is flat with optical
  • So the ISS fake station is orbiting around Earth at 17,000 miles per hour (that's about 5 miles per second) orbits Earth once every 92 minutes, and so does the chase camera satellite BUT NEVER ONCE SAW THE 4 HOUR ECLIPSE, not even
  • Flat Earth movie LA film festival Sept 20-28th #globexit #FlatEarth #FlatPower #StillEarth #NoCurvature #EarthisFlat #flatearther #FEOffensive #ResearchFlatEarth 
  • Stop trying so hard to deny what is so obvious to see. Research

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