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doet mij er aan denken: ik kreeg een foldertje van #harvard vorig jaar van de Kennedy School of Public Management. Ook in dienst vh complot #justsaying | 13 uur

Maar stel u eens voor dat Pieter De Crem met een briljant begrotingsvoorstel komt opgedaan in #Harvard? "Waarom De Crem de perfecte n-va-er zou zijn. Dronken, machtsmisbruik, ... Plus verspilling belastinggeld. " @GeertNoels @wbeke @crevits +#KVHV … | 13 uur

Having studied #Camilleri and his work for the last two decades, having written my Ph.D. dissertation at #Harvard about and many journal articles about him and his work, I feel like an important part of my life has just ended. | 13 uur

I don't know many #middleclass students who can attend #Harvard | 13 uur

"Did you see what I done..? Came on a red bus left on a white one..." #Harvard | 13 uur

Somebody get some help for this University Professor #Harvard he suffers xtreme case of | 13 uur

M.s LaNeve and Suveer have landed in Greece! #Harvard #OCSstrong | 13 uur

Why is Harvard Law School keeping Alan Dershowitz on its faculty page? @AlanDersh is an ugly stain on Harvard’s reputation. #Epstein #Harvard @Harvard_Law | 13 uur

@Coach_Joel_Lamb @CoachTimMurphy Thanks for a Great Day today with @HarvardFootball Special Place! #harvard @nexgenscouting @CSmithScout @QBC_Memphis @QBHitList @DemetricDWarren | 13 uur

Fair enough. But Dershowitz still listed as faculty at @Harvard_Law. He’s an ugly stain on #Harvard reputation. Why would @Harvard keep him on faculty list at all? | 13 uur

Also Alan Dershowitz: Sure, I flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane at least 4 times, according to flight logs. @Harvard: Sure, Dershowitz is on our payroll as Professor Emeritus. #Harvard | 13 uur

We were able to check out the famous #Harvard Widener library, too. If these walls could talk... | 13 uur

Checking out the #Harvard scene this lovely morning with @spicedup11 @BearsDavidson @davidsonacademy @jquinn1212quinn | 13 uur

Dr. Sougata Ghosh from School of #Science, #RKU had the opportunity to deliver a talk about his research on #Nanomedicine at #Harvard #Medical School, #Boston, #USA . He shared his work to the scientific community at International Conference for Academic Disciplines at | 13 uur

Positive News Alert!! Two metro Atlanta teens made history at Harvard. Find out how on @cbs46 at 11p! #cbs46 #news #harvard #college #winning | 13 uur

#Harvard should be ashamed of its horrific discrimination against African American faculty. Remember Elena Kagan’s racist hiring record before she was nominated for the Supreme Court? Not one African American hired for a tenure track position. Actions of a red neck institution | 13 uur

Hey ⁦@Harvard⁩ - Why did you keep Epstein’s donation? Blood money from sex trafficking kids. And #Harvard should fire #Epstein enabler Alan Dershowitz. | 13 uur

And my daughter's SAT scores just came out! She broke 1500 so #Harvard is still in play!! A loongggggg shot of course, but let's see what happens. | 13 uur

Multiple victims say #harvard professor known as a lawyer of last resort had sex with them when they were underage #dershowitz. Dershowitz is dirtbag known for protecting powerful people (oj Simpson, Weinstein rapist another jeww like him). Do they not have mother's? Daughters? | 13 uur

We could not agree more, we have three here next week in the NIF @harvardmed for #harvard and affiliated hospitals! ( Past slides are free on our website:  ) | 13 uur