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Chemtrails over MN #solarshield #chemtrails #harvard #WEDONOTCONSENT  | 7 min

Raising my #ficoscore like a child... Right now we on our way to #Harvard straight to the 800’s. #youaintcatchthat | 7 min

There are only two types of people who don’t experience painful #emotions. The first: psychopaths. The second: people who’ve died. Tal BEN-SHAHAR Author of BEING HAPPY and creator of the most popular class in the history of #Harvard University | 7 min

New 2011 #Harvard #Sweatshirt with embroidered Harvard Logo and the name is now available for team products. Order online from our extensive selection of university themed swimming sweatshirt. Use the #ColumbusDaySale to get 20% off on every product. … | 7 min

After Hellen Zille, Lindiwe Mazibuko went to #Harvard, where will #HermanMashaba be studying? | 7 min

Found the local bakery. #Harvard | 7 min

No, it is not the name of a new Harry Potter book. This cloud chamber dates to as early as 1934. This particular one is significant as it was used by renowned #Harvard physicist Jabez Curry Street to make the first detection of a muon particle. | 7 min

I think it is possible for an ordinary person to choose to be extraordinary. #Harvard | 7 min

An here’s a glimpse at autumn at #Harvard :) | 7 min

@labelle_arianne and I in Boston We graduated from #Harvard We did it! – bij Harvard Square | 7 min

Fall photos from the #Harvard campus :) | 7 min

#Harvard @cs50 is one of the best Computer Science courses! … | 7 min

You need colleagues who you talk REAL shit with. Whenever I receive a text from @fly_crimson saying “yooo people are funny”, I know the academic bonchinche is about to be fuego. #gradschoolpapi #neurorican #phdchat #science #harvard | 7 min

As a child in the south Bronx, dreams were easy to come by, but they were also very limited. It took me decades to appreciate how far I could reach. #gradschoolpapi #neurorican #bronx #newyork #phdchat #harvard | 7 min

First some studying before I watch a movie #HMS #Harvard Medical School | 7 min

My sister at Harvard inspires me to reach for my goals! #Harvard | 7 min

Picked up 3 people who loved @SpongeBobBway (the musical!?) from downtown Boston back to Cambridge. Discussion about whether sponges deserved greater respect than jellyfish -- "both are single-cell invertebrates" -- yeah, this is what #harvard bio students talk about :-) | 7 min

Leadership is more challenging than ever. #Coaching2019 #Harvard | 7 min

#Harvard #Study Has Good News for Homeopathic Medicine … | 7 min

3 minutes brilliant speech at #Harvard | 7 min