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  • In exchange for your email address & a lock of hair from your firstborn child, you can have the next thrilling instalment of my blog delivered straight to your inbox. No? Okay, just your email will do. Stick it in the sign-up box, & I’ll do the rest. 
  • Thanks for the follow back @writesloud, much appreciated!
  • There are two types of writers. Those who turn in a file like this StoryTitle_AAuthor.docx and those who send in a file like this (1) (1) (2) .docx
  • I've posted a lot of flash fiction over the last couple of days, so I thought I better share some stuff on #copywriting to make me look proper professional, like. You know the drill, please read, like, share and retweet. 
  • The equanimity in his pale blue eyes & his vapid demeanour belied the fact that I was staring at a psychopath. I don't know what I had expected. A devil with horns? A #monster? He looked like the man on the bus or the boy next door. And that was what terrified me. #vss365 #vss

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