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#HongKong Status: WAR ZONE!! Credit: Hong Kong Guy #SOSHK | 3 uur

Epische beelden uit #HongKong | | 3 uur

Stop #8964Tienanmen ver 2.0 in #HongKong | 3 uur

KLM waarschuwt reizigers voor overlast door protesten #Hongkong /via @NOS  | 3 uur

#HongKong protesters pour gasoline to an escalator inside a shopping mall and set fire to it. Why? | 3 uur

One young guy assaulted by #HongKong protesters. | 3 uur

Hong kong is in war. #HongKong #StandWithHongKong … | 3 uur

#HongKong police out of control: 'Non-protesters arrested. Sister and brother. Just leaving their home' Mainstream media will not show you this video. You are the media now. | 3 uur

A modern day revolution. #HongKong | 3 uur

Dawn at the Chinese University of #HongKong. Photo: Stand News. | 3 uur

Petrol bomb production facility at CUHK. Do we still have any questions why these students and their "pro-democracy" politicians were so adement about getting the cops off campus? We've found the nest. #HongKong | 3 uur

Mooie docu van #tegenlicht over het radicale verzet van vaak piepjonge studenten in Hongkong ... #hongkong #nieuwehelden … | 3 uur

The police officer who had to shoot a rioter on Monday morning in #HongKong was the new target of the rioters' manhunt. Information about his daughter was exposed. They even threatened to "throw her down the stairs." | 3 uur

#HongKong protesters produce petrol bombs. The protest is organized and there must be a funding source. | 3 uur

(PLEASE READ & RT THIS THREAD) Dear world, the HK police has been assaulting the Chinese University of Hong Kong for 2 days #HongKong #HongKongProtest | 3 uur

Citizens voluntarily cleared away the barricades set up by rioters on the streets of Hong Kong. #HongKong #香港 | 3 uur

Who is ruining #HongKong? | 3 uur

The Education Bureau has still refused to suspend classes for Wednesday, only saying in a statement that parents could choose not to send their children to school for safety reasons. Photo: Stand News. #hongkong | 3 uur

I only arrived on the Chinese Univ. of #HongKong campus minutes ago, in the wee hours. I was stuck in traffic for 4 hours; our van was running low on fuel. I hitched a motorbike ride for the last mile. I was a sociology major. It's a bittersweet homecoming. – bij The Chinese University of Hong Kong | 3 uur

There are suggestions online that protests in Central - #HongKong's key business district - will continue during lunch hours on Wednesday. | 3 uur