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Context matters. #HongKong | 5 uur

Our cameraman had a petrol bomb land at his feet today and was, at one point, surrounded by a small fire. It was not big. Three hit at once near the police. Be careful everyone covering the #HongKong protests. Try to wear less flammable clothes. | 5 uur

An emotional Rebecca Sy recounted to the media how she was recalled from duty and fired without a reason. All my 17 years of service finishes finished without a reason, she said #CathayDragon #HongKong and … | 5 uur

Stop the noise. #HongKong is part of #China! #香港 | 5 uur

30 years ago more than 2 million peope joined hands across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to unite in protest against Soviet rule. It was known as ‘The Baltic Way.’ Tonight the people of #HongKong are attempting #TheHongKongWay | 5 uur

Being a journalist in #HongKong can be a crowded job | 5 uur

Ex-Britain MP says #HongKong is not UK's business #香港 | 5 uur

People formed a human chain around Union Station this morning to show solidarity with Hong Kong #Toronto #HongKong | 5 uur

The leader of the #HongKong protests. And a Chinese billionaire exile collaborator | 5 uur

Some elderly people wearing yellow vests reading “protect our children” attempted to mediate between the protesters and police. In full: . Photo: @SiuSinGallery / HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB | 5 uur

People taking part in the #HongKongWay protest in Kwun Tong started singing classic protest song - Boundless Ocean, Vast Sky (海闊天空). One of the lines goes “forgive me for being wild and freedom-loving my whole life, how would I fear that I would fall down some day?” #HongKong | 5 uur

Radical protesters stormed Yuen Long MTR station in #HongKong last night, destroying public infrastructures. But ironically, the MTR chose to open train doors to aid their escape from the scene after the riot. #香港 | 5 uur

This is part of the #HongKongWay right now. So beautiful. A human chain asking the world to hear #HongKong’s hopes for reform. 30 years to the day in 1989 the Baltics did a 2-million person chain against the USSR. @CBSNews is here. #notmyphoto #telltheworld | 5 uur

#iherebyorder all biased western journalists stop calling #HongKong protesters "peaceful"! | 5 uur

How violence has disrupted #HongKong | 5 uur

It is almost 34 degrees Celsius in Kwun Tong Saturday afternoon. Hydration stations serving water, tea and other beverages have been set up along the march route. In full:  #hongkong | 5 uur

Tear gas, petrol bombs, non-lethal rounds fired. Back to street battles in #HongKong... | 5 uur

Who's behind #HongKong protests? | 5 uur

Mini-figurines of Hong Kong protesters have been spotted again at the Kwun Tong march. In full: . Photo: @SiuSinGallery / HKFP. #hongkong #antiELAB | 5 uur

another angle of the Lion Rock human chain #HongKongWay #HongKong | 5 uur