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Watch:  “#Huawei—it's the technological arm of the [People’s Liberation Army]…People, particularly citizens, don’t really understand what’s in back of Huawei.” #SteveBannon on his new Huawei expose film 'Claws of the Red Dragon' on | 22 uur

Save your moola with our BIRTHDAY deals! Get this #Huawei Y6 2019 for only R2399.90. Share this post with your friends using the hashtag #WiLoveHuawei, and tell us what's your favourite feature on the Y6 and you could stand a chance to win you very own Huawei Y6 2019! (T&C Apply) | 22 uur

SATURDAY EVENING: Steve Bannon joins me on @EpochTimes American Thought Leaders We discuss his film Claws Of The Red Dragon  exposing #Huawei, which he describes as “greatest national security threat we have ever faced.” WATCH: … | 22 uur

#Huawei, a Chinese state-directed company, poses real threats to the national & economic security of the US & our allies. The Administration's strategy is working. Don't undermine it with sweetheart export licenses that let Huawei build itself back up. … | 22 uur

Are you ready for #5G? It's time to #RethinkEvolution as the #Huawei Kirin Chipset launches us into the future | 22 uur

Geely Automobile co-operation with #Huawei for #HarmonyOS Vehicle system equipped with HMOS will come out soon. | 22 uur

Which #Huawei photography is your fave? Macro or Wide Angle? Prove it and share your shots below this | 22 uur

Waiting for the new Kirin powerhouse. #huawei | 22 uur

#Huawei - #HuaweiMate30 - Huawei Mate 30 screen part … | 22 uur

#Huawei's new AI processor more powerful. … | 22 uur

#Huawei has ranked first on a list of China’s 500 largest private enterprises for the fourth consecutive year, despite a crackdown on the company by the US. | 22 uur

*Anzeige Can you guess how long it took to get this pic for my Instagram? #PilotPatrick #Pilot #Pilotlife #instagood #instadaily #HuaweiP30Pro #DasFotowunder #Boeing #planespotting #Huawei #aviationdaily | 22 uur

Video of #Huawei CFO being searched at airport before arrest released | 22 uur

#Huawei no-wire FreeBuds are the perfect gym accessory. Just double-tap to play music instantly. #fitness | 22 uur

#HWToughTalk 032: Founder and CEO #RenZhengfei says #Huawei would never install backdoors or conduct espionage, because it’s not in customers’ interests and goes against Chinese law. | 22 uur

#Huawei tops list of China's top 500 private enterprises | 22 uur

I swear it felt like my birthday all over again getting this baby @Honorglobal . And now my sisters can stop being on my case about changing phones. What a beauty #Huawei #Honor10Lite sexy & sleek, a dream to handle, & the picture & video quality wooooo chile Wowzer. | 22 uur

The latest summary of #Huawei #5G contracts around the world: To be continued… | 22 uur

#Huawei helps drive the globalized telecommunications industry forward by forming key partnerships, which create communications systems to make societies feel more connected. #HuaweiNow | 22 uur

Challenges #motivate her. She doesn’t shy away from problems, and she loves the spirit of #camaraderie at #Huawei UK. Meet Catherine Bates and this is her story. | 22 uur