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  • #SpiritualSunday12thMay,, The followers in various blocks conduct Namcharcha (spiritual Satsang) at block level which is attended by thousands of
  • #SagaOfWelfareAndFaith,, A flood of followers reach @derasachasauda Sirsa to celebrate its Foundation
  • #OceanOfDevotionAtDSS On this 71st foundation day of @derasachasauda millions of volunteers reach to listen hoky Sermons of Saint Ram Rahim and also participate in many welfare
  • #FoundationDayOfDSS,, The day come when Sai Mastana Ji Maharaj founded @derasachasauda a Spritual organisation which teaches millions of volunteers for the welfare activities and humanity and become no. 1 social welfare
  • #NaamcharchaAtDSS28thApril,, Thousands of followers listen peacefully the Holy Sermons of Saint Dr. @Gurmeetramrahim Singh ji

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