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  • #EngineeringInspiration #EngineersDay Saint Ram Rahim Ji World's Largest Washing Machine called 'Sach Ajooba', capable of washing 2000 clothes /hr was built with bricks &cementin just 24 hours & was designed by Saint Dr @Gurmeetramrahim Ji
  • *चाहे अपने हो या पराये* *वो हाथ बहुत अनमोल है..* *जो..गिरते वक़्त संभाल ले...* *सुप्रभात* #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts
  • धन धन सतगुरु तेरा ही आसरा पिता जी मेरे सतगुरु प्यारे दा दरबार बड़ा सोहन है ऐथे दर्शन होंदे ने दीदार बड़ा सोहना है Very good morning pita g @Cute_____PRINCE @VishalI13305110 @InsanNeeru2 @NeerajKumarIn16 @tyagi40 @guradittainsan1 @mintu2318
  • #EngineeringInspiration #EngineersDay Saint Ram Rahim Ji Under the guidance of the Most Adorable Dr @Gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji a spacious Sachkahand Hall has been built in the area of 2 Lac [200,000] square feet. And the unbelievable fact is that it was completed in just 30
  • #BraveheartVolunteers Various welfare activities have been carried out in the second week of september by @derasachasauda volunteers under the guidance of St Dr @Gurmeetramrahim ji Insan. Volunteers distributed food nd help the homeless in construction of

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