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  • Not restricting himself to that, Guruji has also devised cost effective bio pesticides that are inexpensive, non toxic and extremely effective. @Gurmeetramrahim @derasachasauda #save
  • Dr. MSG himself leads this campaign and encourages people to plant more saplings and pay meticulous attention to nurture and protect for the coming generations to live in a healthy environment. @Gurmeetramrahim @derasachasauda #save
  • Being a global warming mitigator too, he has already initiated a unique campaign to plant at least 12 saplings per annum by each follower.  @Gurmeetramrahim @derasachasauda #save
  • Being a nature lover, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan believes in using renewable source of energy, i.e Sun in this case, as, the solar energy that will be harnessed by solar panels won be detrimental to the environment. @Gurmeetramrahim @derasachasauda #save
  • The main goals of this initiation are just to come up with solutions for energy consumption, pollution free society and cost effective implementation, using technology as a tool. @Gurmeetramrahim @derasachasauda #save

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