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  • पूजनीय संत डॉक्टर @Gurmeetramrahim जी इंसा की पावन प्रेरणानुसार आज 29/4/2019 को मैंने 40 वीं बार रक्तदान किया .... #blooddonation 40th times.. ब्लड डोनेशन कीजिये, समय समय पर आप, मन में आये पुण्यता, तन होगा निष्पाप.
  • #DayoftheGirl Women have to find their own personality, their own style, and what suits them the best.. Saint Ram Rahim Ji building skills ,building
  • Burning of crop residue is also very harmful for health, its smoke causes eye irritation. Difficulty in breathing and lung diseases can occur. Especially the older ones suffer a lot.
  • #perfect #picture #mensfashion #fashion #boys #handsomeboys #suit @ Party Enjoy …
  • #मंदबुद्धि_की_संभाल “Beggary is akin to death, Never one must beg Nay, Death is better, That the True Guru teacheth! In Guruji’s mission, all followers and right thinking people are with him. In this way, Guru Ji is engaged in eradicating begging from

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