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#ios13 has iphone battery be like | 12 uur

I have an iPhone 7 and I updated my iPhone to IOS 13.1.3 and now my phone is glitchy as fuck is anyone else having this problem? #iOS13 #ios1313 #iphone | 12 uur

Apple needs to fix this crappy ass software update or show us how to delete this crappy crap off our devices #iOS13. I’m old! I need my large icons back and no one upgrades to drain batteries twice as fast! And WTF with these annoying ass Memojis! Help! | 12 uur

Fck I really fking hate the new #iOS13 way you highlight text to edit it. Trying to drop the cursor amongst a word to edit a spelling error is almost impossible as it just highlights the entire word. By far the worse cock up @AppleSupport have made so enfuriating!!! | 12 uur

Anyone know how to get rid of this shite on the left??? Driving me mad #iOS13 | 12 uur

@Apple i love you but can we plz fix the bugs on #iOS13 | 12 uur

Wanneer je op de iPhone dit typt krijg je deze suggestie. Dit kan echt niet @apple4everNL #iOS13 #apple #shame | 12 uur

AR浸水疑似体験アプリの水面表現改善、#peopleocclusion 対応版も行いました。#AugmentedReality #madewithunity #DisasterScope #iOS13 #ARKit3 #iPhone #Apple | 12 uur

Also fuck #iOS13 for draining my battery so much | 12 uur

iOS13.1 × NFCタグをフル活用してみた -Part2 ICカードにiPhoneを置くだけで残高と収支データを確認できるショートカットを作った!!超便利!! 交通系IC以外にもnanacoやWAONも使えちゃう! Androidでは昔からできたこれがiPhoneでもできるようになるなんて、時代は変わったなぁ… #ios13 | 12 uur

Great @Apple #iOS13 fucked up my iPhone7+ can’t make calls or listen to music through headphones. WTF? Can y’all come out with a patch or something????? | 12 uur

How is iOS 13.2 beta 3 for you? Share with us down below! #Apple, #iOS13 | 12 uur

So my password changed at work, and I had to delete and re-add my calendar and mail and contacts to #iOS13. Now it’s just downloading all of my mail, calendar, and contacts, deleting them, and re-downloading them, over and over and over again. Madness. | 12 uur

#iOS13 won’t let me swear :( | 12 uur

In #iOS13, you can take a #screenshot of a web page and even if the screen is only showing part of the page, it can actually capture the full page. #Safari @AppleEDU #AppleEDUchat | 12 uur

The bizarrest feature of #iOS13. My Chambers dictionary app has censored all profanities, even “crap” and “crapshoot”. | 12 uur

Fun new #ios13 bug: a broken app update system that doesn’t actually update anything | 12 uur

Pikzo Jailbreak has relieved for ios 12.3,12.4 and iOS 13 jailbreak solution.A ton of additional many features and many more things on pikzo jailbreak. 10000+ Apps, Tweaks, Games, Jailbreak Apps, etc... (link: …)  #iOS13 | 12 uur

So none of my apps work now that I’ve updated to #iOS13 . cool. | 12 uur

#iOS13 and Siri still a dumb bitch, thanks @Apple | 12 uur