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For the people of #Iran, the forty years of the mullahs’ rule is synonymous with an all-out massacre. | 22 uur

A new home-made missile defense system dubbed ‘Bavar 373’ has joined #Iran’s armed forces. | 22 uur

#Iran unveils missile system ‘rivaling’ Russia’s S-300 and US-made Patriot READ MORE: | 22 uur

Normal nations do not continue to move illicit oil around the world to fund their terrorist operations. Special Representative for #Iran Brian Hook on challenges to peace and security in the Middle East: | 22 uur

Aras Amiri promoted understanding of Iranian arts in the UK. Then she was sentenced to 10 years in prison in #Iran for refusing to spy for the government. She is 33-years-old and should be free, not caged and muzzled by a security establishment that uses citizens as pawns. … | 22 uur

No #Pakistan No #Iran Baloch want | 22 uur

Leader: #Britain policies cause of #Kashmir crisis #Iran | 22 uur

Today, Special Representative for #Iran Brian Hook briefed the press at the @ForeignPressCtr on Middle East Peace and | 22 uur

Shaking the hands of mullahs’ FM, who threatens Iranian protesters to death, is utterly disgraceful, encourages more terrorism, warmongering. Zarif’s threats reflect #Iran regime’s murderous, terrorist nature. #FreeIran #IranRegimeChange | 22 uur

The United States commends #Paraguay for designating Hizballah, al-Qa’ida, ISIS, and Hamas as terrorist organizations. Hizballah is not a defender of Lebanon, it's a terrorist organization dedicated to advancing #Iran’s malicious agenda and destabilizing the region. | 22 uur

Resolution supporting Kashmiri struggle in occupied #Kashmir has been presented in #Iran's parliament. Member of the Iranian parliament, Ali Mathari,said that all #Muslim countries including Iran had an important responsibility regarding the oppressed Kashmiris & Kashmir dispute. | 22 uur

#Iran’s FM @JZarif meets with Ex-Swedish PM @carlbildt | 22 uur

Human rights defenders are NOT criminals #Iran has a long history of harassment and repression of human rights defenders, prosecuting them under so-called "national security" charges. The government must stop silencing civil society Read our report: | 22 uur

The leader of #Iran’s Islamic Revolution has described the current situation in #Kashmir as the ensuing result of Britain’s policies when it departed the region | 22 uur

Did you have time to mention the wave of unjust detentions, inhuman treatment of women in prisons or throughout #Iran, the larger prison? 40 years of violence and pain isn't enough? Iranian women very disappointed... | 22 uur

We will take back #Iran … | 22 uur

No, these are not German neo-Nazis, obviously. This is #Iran backed #Houthi militias’ salute of allegiance. They not only share the #Nazi salute, but their blatant disregard for innocent life as | 22 uur

Trump out...Australia in. @theage #auspol #Iran | 22 uur

#Paris 1 municipality installed a large banner on the city hall opposing Zarif’s visit. Banner read: #Iran 's Mullahs, its FM, violate our principles. We don't welcome them.” Protests continued against Zarif. Today Iranians demand Zarif's expulsion from Paris | 22 uur