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Proost vanuit #Israel! Alleen waar is de "s" @geertwilderspvv? Het kapsel klopt ook niet helemaal, maar ach wat maakt het uit, het is vakantie | 10 uur

Volop wijn bij #Israël Producten Centrum in Nijkerk @cvisrael | 10 uur

STA met mij @DanielGerritsen & #NederlandseVriendenvanIsraël Samen #Sterk Voor #Vrede Tegen #Terreur #Rotterdam #Nederland Steunt #Israël | 10 uur

The truth about #Israel | 10 uur

Discussed #Israel’s increasing illegitimate activities in Al-Quds w/FM of #Palestine my brother Riad Malki. Will always stand by the Palestinian State and our Palestinian | 10 uur

A heartwarming message from #India: "I may not live in #Israel but Israel lives in me". | 10 uur

Congresswomen #IlhanOmar & #RashidaTlaib have repeatedly engaged in #AntiSemitic rhetoric. This has to end. Take a stand against anti-Semitism and take a stand for #Israel. Sign our critical petition today.  | 10 uur

According to a survey by the Ministry of Tourism, there is a growth in tourism into #Israel. What a #BDS fail! | 10 uur

#Israel A terrible crime? More than 50 Israeli armed men use the Apartheid System against civilians in the State of Palestine. 50 gunmen against two civilians. Where are human rights? | 10 uur

US backed #SDF selling stolen #Syrian oil to #Israel through a US front company. | 10 uur

Trump, the #RacistPresident, and #Israel (cartoons via @Mondoweiss ) | 10 uur

It's been 15 years since #Israel's apartheid wall was declared illegal! Cartoon | 10 uur

Kibbutz Magen is my home in #Israel. This is how our backyard looked today because of Hamas’ incendiary balloons. What would you do if this was your backyard? Kibbutz Magen is my home in #Israel. | 10 uur

#Dutch deputy with a #Palestinian flag on his chest rejects to shake #Israel Netanyahu's hand Asked why he refused to shake his hand, he said "#Netanyahu does not deserve a handshake because his hands are soaked with the blood of #Palestinian children" | 10 uur

& by the way defending a racist white supremacist who hates Muslims, people of colour etc only confirms your racist white supremacist colonial #Israel status, ideology & those who defend its crimes like you & your war criminal daddy | 10 uur

When #Israel faces threats, it's #America's duty to protect our ally. Enemies of Israel must be stopped. Sign our petition today to stand for Israel. | 10 uur

#Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah says that there will be “surprises on the ground, in the air and at sea” in the next war with #Israel. Says while the group had defensives weapons in 2006 the group now has “quality offensive” weapons | 10 uur

(Holy) Waterfalls #israel | 10 uur

ARE YOU READY?? If you thought summer in #Israel was hot , just wait until you hear about the 5 international superstars performing in the Holy Land this summer . We'll give you a hint-one of them goes by the name Jenny and is originally from the #Bronx, New | 10 uur