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#Israel heeft de buit (West Bank, Golan en Jeruzalem binnen, laat de VS vallen en gaat met China verder. Het gaat tenslotte om de poen en niet de loyaliteit. … | 15 uur

Dan lees je je ingezonden reiservaring terug in de nieuwsbrief van @israelidoed Aanrader als het gaat om een onvergetelijk #Israël-ervaring! Zie uit naar de zomer | 15 uur

The same man who terrorized Jews and wanted to bring concentration camps to #Israel. @RashidaTlaib is this the "safe haven" you were talking about?  | 15 uur

Pro-Israel students constantly deal with events being disrupted by anti-Israel hecklers, and at times, fear for their safety. It is common to hire security for speakers or events, making it hard for students to execute #Israel educational programs.  | 15 uur

Shabbat Shalom to all those who defend Israel and the Jewish Nation. #Israel #Jewish | 15 uur

WATCH:  @RepVanTaylor: "Having [#Iran] as a nuclear power is definitely a worry… they've talked about using those nuclear weapons offensively, specifically against #Israel." American Thought Leaders with | 15 uur

Er is ook #Goed #Nieuws Meer & meer #Marokkanen Bekeeren zich tot Jezus Ik ken deze broer & zus persoonlijk. Ze zijn Radicaal veranderd doordat Ze bevrijdt zijn van religie Naar Gods #Liefde & #Vrede Powerfull jaren gebeden God maakt waarlijk #vrij! #God #Israël = | 15 uur

Enemies of #Israel must be stopped. We are completely engaged in defending Israel against all enemies. We’re sending legal demand letters to the #UN & filing briefs at the #ICC. Funding to Israel’s enemies must end. Join the fight. | 15 uur

Today, an Egyptian helicopter came to help the residents of Beit Ezra, to fight the fire due to extreme temperatures in #Israel. In the same place where the Egyptian army lost the war of 1948 - the Egyptian army is helping Israelis to fight the fire. Video: Mor Sofer | 15 uur

In one brief column, @jkirchick does an incredible job of 1) putting the Palestinian issue in context & 2) debunking the canard that the U.S. has paid dearly for its alliance with #Israel This should be required reading everywhere: … | 15 uur

Any university facing a BDS challenge should respond by increasing opportunities for students to study in #Israel and by strengthening ties with Israeli academic institutions. | 15 uur

Really friend time tight.. This is an Egyptian helicopter that helps to extinguish fire fires across #Israel since yesterday. Egypt sent two helicopters to help put out the fires. Thanks #Egypt | 15 uur

A large fire has broken out in #Israel’s north near Tiberias next to the Kinneret. Police have closed Route 90. | 15 uur

Hebron is epicenter where the worst things occur in Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians out of Palestine. #Israel is prodding America into an enormous war with #Iran simply as an excuse to terrorize & drive out the remaining millions of Palestinian men, women & children … | 15 uur

Another excellent piece by @HenMazzig. Without #Israel, #Jews throughout the Middle East and North Africa would have continued to be helpless victims of a brutally oppressive supremacist majority. They'd have suffered the same fate as the #Yazidis & other minorities in the region … | 15 uur

Zo vlak voor de europese verkiezingen. Wie heeft er baat bij dat populisten gaan winnen op Europa te verscheuren. Natuurlijk komt #RitaKatz ( our only source) met een verklaring dat #ISIS achter zit. #Rusland #Israel #falseflag #Lyon … | 15 uur

The last time the #Egyptians were in the Ashdod area was in 1948 during #Israel’s War of Independence. 71 years later they are helping Israel to fight fires which have broken out in the area. … | 15 uur

This month, #Israel and the #UnitedStates celebrate 71 years of friendship! The Embassy of Israel's annual #YomHaAtzmaut celebration is a chance for us to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future of our partnership. | 15 uur

Death of a Child... I weep at this absolutely damning account of little 5 year old, #Palestinian girl's lonely death wiithout her parents being allowed by her side. #Israel, your cimes precede you and this is another. Where is the media on this? #BDS … | 15 uur